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Take the Road less Blah: 5 Awesome Summer Road Trip Tips

The temperature's rising. Miles and miles of possibilities await. Mischief to be made, snacks to be munched, detours and dead ends and roads less traveled to be taken. Every road trip is a passport into the great unknown, a chance to make the kind of memories you'll be talking about till next year. Here's how to make the most of it.

  1. Take the Scenic Route: You’ve heard the saying “It’s about the journey, not the destination,” and when it comes to road trips, this couldn’t be truer. Take the long way there. Ask the locals for cool detours and hangout spots. Just make sure to keep your phone charged and your cooler stocked.

  2. Don’t Over Plan:  There is a time and place for calendaring, and it's called the work week. Don't over-fill your itinerary, leave room for the amazing and you'll be surprised what might happen, where you might end up, or who you might meet along the way!

  3. Bring Back the Throwbacks: Nothing says road trip quite like blasting your favorite old-school songs with the windows down. So bring on the nostalgia, load your iPod up with some old school jams, and take a trip down memory lane with those treasured throwbacks.

  4. Camp: If your road trip requires an overnight pit-stop, think twice before booking that hotel room. Camping is a great excuse to fall back in love with the great outdoors. Not to mention, great camp sites are easy to find along almost any road trip that you have on the books.

  5. Share As You Go: There's something to be said for unplugging on your time off. But what fun is being on an adventure if you can't share every breathtaking, hilarious, crazy-beautiful moment with the people you care about? Take a little time to post a favorite photo to Instagram or tweet your check-in. Make your friends a little jealous. Heck, make us a little jealous–share your pictures and stories with #makeroomforawesome. Then, put the phone away and get back out there.

Summer's waiting, but it won't wait forever. Hit the road and seize it. We dare you!



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