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A small RV parked on an unpaved area, with the sun setting in the background

Summer RV Adventures for 2023


National Park Tour

One of the benefits of an RV is the opportunity to see some of the nation’s most beautiful places, and national parks and RVs are a duo made in heaven! National parks have plenty of infrastructure to accommodate RV camping, making them a great place to visit when you’re on the road. Not only are you likely to find a handful of nice, amenity-filled campgrounds, you’ll also have amazing places to explore and enjoy after you’ve set up. Map out a few parks this summer to visit and make your reservations early – nearby RV parks fill up fast in the summer.

Cross-Country Road Trip

You could do a cross-country trip visiting nearby national parks, but you can also leverage your hotel room on wheels to visit states and cities across the nation. Depending on the size of your rig, you might want to avoid small RV parks in large cities, but there are usually a few outside city limits that will get you close enough to see and enjoy the sites.

An Alaskan Trek

Alaska is a popular destination during the summer months, and an RV allows you to appreciate the beauty of the Northwest on the way. Drive up through Washington into the gorgeous British Columbia area before making your way to the Alaskan hotspots. It’s a scenic drive with a lot of amazing views as well as places to stop and enjoy. There tends to be a lot of construction on the Alaska Highway during summer, so definitely plan to take your time and sightsee where you can.

The Great Lakes

Speaking of Canada, another epic RV trip awaits farther east. Start in the Midwest and wrap around each of the Great Lakes, visiting the lakeside campgrounds, surrounding cities, Niagara Falls, and a few of the Eastern provinces – this road trip has a little bit of everything including scenic views, city sights, and iconic landmarks.

Park, Plan & Ride

While you’re planning your epic summer trek, you’ll need a place to stow your RV. StorQuest offers a place to park with confidence and facilities that make it easy to drive in, turn around, and park with your large vehicle. Find a location close to you with RV parking, and start your next adventure at StorQuest.

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