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Pro Tips & Tricks To Keep Your Gear in Prime Condition


Give your gear some TLC with these tips on keeping everything in top shape so it's ready for your next big adventure whenever you are.


Whether you ride a custom hollow wooden surfboard, a poly board, or an epoxy board, it will have different maintenance requirements depending on its style and construction. For example, epoxy and poly surfboards require more frequent waxing if you surf in warm waters. Also, when exposed to UV rays, epoxy boards are especially susceptible to yellowing.

No board is invincible—the sun, saltwater, heat, and sand take their toll on every type of surfboard, so rinse off salt water after surfing, let your board dry standing tall against a tree or house (preferably in the shade), always transport and store your board in a bag, and never leave your board in a hot car.


Keeping your tent in pristine condition is much easier if you focus on a few tips for taking care of it during and after camping trips. It's always a good idea to set your tent up at home to ensure the poles and zippers are in good working order before you go. Once you reach your destination, choose a spot near the shade to avoid extreme sunlight, which will fade and damage the fabric over time. You'll be more comfortable too! Heat, humidity, and rain all cause moisture which can lead to mold, so air dry your tent before packing it up and always store it in a cool, dry place.


Where you love to kayak—on fast-moving rivers, serene lakes, or the ocean will determine your boat's specific maintenance. However, there are some basic rules to follow for all types of kayaks. For example, store kayaks upside down and off the ground to make the cockpits less hospitable to critters. If you're storing your kayak outdoors between trips, keep it from view, secure it to an immovable object, and cover it with a weather-resistant tarp. Inspect it frequently as there is a considerable risk of mold and mildew if the wind blows the tarp so it rests on your boat for an extended time.

Mountain Bikes

Whether you're a newbie on the MTB trail or on your way to going pro, mountain bikes, and protective gear are big-ticket items. After each ride, remove mud and other debris that cause corrosion and inspect your bike's chain, derailleurs, and cables for damage. Ensure your bike's brakes remain responsive by checking the wear on the pads every few rides. Full-suspension mountain bikes are the most expensive and have the highest maintenance requirements. So asking your local bike mechanic to inspect and service your bike’s suspension components, frame, and wheels for loose bolts and damage is a good idea.

Our MTB pro tip is to bring your repair kit on every ride. Taking along a spare tube, a tire pump or CO2 inflator, and a small multitool with several Allen wrenches can save you a very long walk back to the car.

Store Your Outdoor Gear

Your equipment is a valuable investment, and keeping it clean, dry, and pest-free in between trips or seasons will help ensure its longevity. So when space at home is limited, storing your gear in a climate-controlled storage unit means you can worry less and play more. Climate control units maintain a standard temperature and humidity throughout the year, so the weather will never affect your things. Check out our StorQuest locations to enjoy peace of mind for your next adventure.

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