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Pro Tips for Keeping Adventure Travel Light


Whether it’s an impromptu hiking trip up a nearby mountain peak or a weekend camping feat with your favorite people, StorQuest has a few tips and tricks up our sleeves to help you pack lighter, be more prepared, and have the most fun on your next adventure.

1. Fully Plan Out Your Journey

Where you’re headed on your next adventure is the easiest and most exciting part of the planning process. But what takes things to the next level is actually planning out the nitty-gritty details. Not only does this help you see more, do more, and experience more along your trip, but it helps you better prepare for what goes into packing your gear.

Your bag or equipment should be ready to go with all the essentials and none of the “we’ll see” items. Don’t just wing it and pack any random item you might need along the way. Truly map out your destination, see what there is to do along the route, and determine what will be on your itinerary before you ever even start packing. This small but important detail will help you properly gear up for any activity without all the extra weight of odds and ends shoved into your pack for the “just in case I want to do it” moments. You’re planned, prepared, organized, and you’re well on your way to traveling lighter.

2. Think Like a Minimalist

There are countless ways to plan and pack your gear and bags. But one of the most efficient ways to do so is minimalist-style. Start out by creating a list of absolutes for your journey. Think of anything you need, including the smallest of items to the most important ones. Once you’ve got your list, think of ways you can scale it down, keeping the essentials while still being practical about toting along any extras. For example, three different windbreakers might be unnecessary where one would do just fine.

Once your list is complete, start laying out all of your items before actually packing them away. This helps you visually imagine what will be used. This is one more opportunity to determine if there are things you can eliminate or combine uses for, especially when it comes to similar clothing items you’ve already included. When it’s time to pack, try rolling your clothing, put some items inside of others if possible, and make full use of every compartment available in your gear.

3. Consider Renting Gear or Equipment

As convenient as something like your inflatable SUP might be, toting it around during your travels can be a real challenge. When it comes to having all the gear for your end destination, do some research on the area in advance to see what equipment might be available to rent instead of bringing it along with you the entire route.

4. Store Along the Way

Let StorQuest do the heavy lifting when it comes to housing your gear or equipment on your next adventure. In between destinations on your excursion, check out some of our self storage options along your route to keep your gear covered while the adventure continues. We even have some convenient StorQuest Express locations or locker rental options, depending on where you’re traveling to. We’re here to help you make plans, get organized, and make it happen!

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