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Pranks for the Great Outdoors

April Fool’s Day brings out the mischief and creativity in all of us.  Some go way beyond the teasing the gullible (“I just won free tickets for us all to go to Hawaii!”), and instead go all out for truly surprising prank.

As the weather warms up and we spend more time outside, what’s better than taking advantage of the relaxation (but also the tension) you feel when you’re in the great outdoors?  Next time you are hiking or camping, try out one of these gems: Fake Snake Plan ahead for this prank by bringing along a rubber reptile. No need for more explanation.  Peep the hilarity below:

Animal Sounds Even the thought of wild animal while camping or hiking can be terrifying.  Bring a recording of growling noises on your smartphone…you’ll have your friends and family running every time.

Rocks in the backpack This classic never gets old. The key is not to overdo it or load in rocks all at once – a few at each rest stop will make your victim think it’s just fatigue that’s making his or her backpack. So. Darn. Heavy.

Tiger! Just imagine: a quiet trail run and then…surprise!  A bear or Big Foot would work equally well.

Lock Up A simple paperclip on the tent zipper can create a little panic for the camper inside and some laughs around the campground.  Bonus points if you combine this with the animal sounds!

When you’re off the trail, bring your gear on over to StorQuest.  We provide the best service, clean secure facilities, at competitive prices…and that’s no joke!


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