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Pet Fashion Tips

The lights, the cameras, the crowds, the red carpet, the general feeling of excitement, intrigue and anticipation… There’s just nothing that screams “Fashion Spectacle” the way National Dress Your Pet Day does.  When it comes to this most glamorous of events, no one takes it more seriously than we do – and we’re going to show you how to WIN.  It takes a certain kind of panache and years of experience to really “get” what it takes to get up there with the big boys and compete in this exclusive club of design giants; but we’re going to save you the time and give you a glimpse into a world of style, genius and beauty right here, right now… With these top competition-winning secrets, you and your pet will be on your way to fame and fortune in no time!!

FASHION SECRET #1: Use the FORCE.  Take the judges back to their lightsaber-wielding childhood and you’ll have their undying loyalty.  These Star Wars fashions are sure to garner favor from voters of all ages within seconds of taking the stage:


FASHION SECRET #2: Make ‘em Laugh.  Nothing says, “This is not just another pretty face” like a rapier wit.  With a rib-tickling references to any hilarious TV sketch or movie comedy, your pet will have them slapping knees and wiping tears to the point where they pull up the “10” card just so they can breathe again:


FASHION SECRET #3: BRING IT with a BOOK.  The judges will feel intellectually inferior as your pet takes the stage donned in a literary reference that proves he has beauty AND brains.  They’ll have no choice but to give high marks just on respect alone:


FASHION SECRET #4: Play the HOLIER Than THOU Angle.  The judges will produce scores on high just to save their own souls when your best friend solemnly takes the stage in this heavenly garb.  They’ll weep with guilt and awe as purity of spirit is perfectly personified in pious pet patterns;


FASHION SECRET #5: Go for the GUT.  If all else fails, win the judges hearts through their stomachs.  After a long morning of overwhelming sensory stimulation, their minds will turn to food… that’s when your pet will pounce and WIN via the subliminal vote;


Remember; in the cut throat world of pet fashion, only the strongest survive.  It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there, and your pet will need every edge he can get.  That’s where these hard-won fashion secrets come in.  Use them.  Use them well.  If you do, no doubt you’ll be needing a whole separate walk-in closet for your pet, who will have been catapulted to stardom literally overnight.  When that happens, just call us – we’ve got space for you. 


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