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New Year, New Hobbies: How to Level Up in 2022


Living a rad life starts with having rad hobbies. And in 2022, it’s time to take your hobby game up a notch. Keep reading to see not only how to find some awesome hobbies, but to see if any of these cool ideas should be on your must-do list this year.

Get Inspired

Are you a weekend warrior? A thrill-seeker? Maybe you like building things or being creative. You know yourself best. Take some time to browse through an online search. Look up “outdoor hobbies” or “unique, creative hobbies” for some ideas. Then make a list of a few that catch your interest.

How to Pick a New Hobby

There are endless options to choose from. They can be as extreme as jumping out of a plane to as chill as painting by numbers. There’s so much out there waiting for you to try. Find a hobby that not only gets you pumped to get started, but one that matches with your schedule and budget. Ask yourself what’s doable with the time, energy, and money that you have. From there, stock up on essentials – any equipment, tools, or supplies needed for your new hobby – and get ready for an epic 2022.

Try Something New

Here are a few hobbies that might be worth adding to your list:


The ultimate goal is to walk along a point-A-to-B tightrope while maintaining form and balance the entire way. All you need is a starter slackline kit and some serious balancing skills. Start off with your slackline close to the ground and let your balancing skills work up to new heights as you improve. Just head out to your neighborhood park – or anywhere outdoors – and find two trees (or poles) that are close enough together for the line length. Attach your tree protectors and feed the line through the ratchet, then tighten it all down.

Splatter Painting

Forget painting by numbers or staying within the lines and level up your hobby game with splatter painting. Think of this hobby as the extreme version of painting on a canvas. Plus, splattered paint looks awesome and is beyond easy to do. All you need is plastic tarp, canvases, old clothes or a painter’s suit, a drill, and liquid splatter paint. Tarp up your area, suit up, add paint onto your canvas, and twirl it around to spread it all around.

Home Brewing

Whether you’re into beer or kombucha (or both), seriously level up your 2022 hobby game with DIY brewing. Impress your friends and learn a new skill by conjuring up your very own concoctions. With some basic trial and error, plus a simple starter kit, you’ll be tossing back beers in no time. And never worry about storing all those bottles and jars on the kitchen counter – StorQuest has plenty of room for your brewing equipment.

All the Space for Your Hobbies

From freeing up extra room in the garage to storing away all your slacklining gear, StorQuest has your back with a self storage unit to match. Check out our locations today to find the location nearest you and start living big.

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