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Meet Nina from Loma Linda StorQuest

Head over to our Loma Linda, CA StorQuest location and you can shake hands with Property Manager, Nina Estrada.

When she’s not at StorQuest, she keeps pretty busy with her five children, ranging from 6 months to 13 years old. “I am pretty involved with their after school activities, but I do try to find the time to write. I love to write. As a kid, I was really good at making people laugh. I was the class clown in Junior High and High School.” All joking aside, Nina was awarded Silvia Mendez award for education, which she is most proud of.

So, between parenting and her sense of humor, who would Nina want to be locked in a storage unit with? Surprisingly, Jack Nicholson. “He’s a brilliant actor and I’d love to ask him a thousand questions.”

Something we do know about Nina is that she rocks self storage. “My best storage tip is to remember that our customers are people not just storage numbers and to treat them as you’d like to be treated. I’ve had the good fortune to work with an awesome company, amazing district managers and marvelous coworkers. I also enjoy the customers; most have fascinating stories to tell. Most customers are storing their items for some reason, good or bad and we help facilitate their transition.”

We’re pretty excited to have Nina on the StorQuest team. And so are the Loma Linda customers.



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