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Meet Kirenia!

They call Florida the “Sunshine State” which makes it the ideal home for the warm personality of Kirenia Hernandez. 

Kirenia is quite the adventurer, with her favorite hobbies including camping and traveling.  The most exciting trip she has ever taken was a family trip to Great Smoky Mountains National Park, with mountains nestled along the Tennessee and North Carolina border. When we asked her if camping out in the wilderness was the biggest risk she has ever taken, she let us know quickly “no way!”  She happily admits the biggest risk she has ever taken was becoming a mom.  

Besides being adventurous, Kirenia is also incredibly active.  She’s most proud of the fact she has run a mile and half in a mere 15 minutes.  
Hilariously enough, Kirenia also mentioned that she cannot live without her favorite cleaning product, Windex.  Spring cleaning must be a breeze for Kirenia!  No wonder her StorQuest location sparkles.
When asked what the best part about her job at StorQuest is, Kirenia replied “it’s getting to meet and interact with new people on a daily basis.”  StorQuest is the perfect place for Kirenia’s can-do attitude and energetic spirit….and we feel tremendously lucky to have her on our team!


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