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Make the Most Out of Summer Fridays


The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and you’re staring out the office window, daydreaming of the world beyond. Our advice? Stop dreaming and start living! It’s time to take a personal day and play hooky from work this Friday. Here are a few ideas to help you live a more awesome life.

Take Time to Play

Get Healthy in Body and Mind

Even your employer will agree that a healthy mind and body lead to a more productive employee. The same holds true in everyday life. You can’t be good to your family, friends, or boss if you aren’t good to yourself. Why not use part of the day to sleep in, do some yoga, and get a healthy smoothie? Or, hit the gym for a good workout or a steam to sweat away the toxins of the work week.

Perfect a Sport

One excellent way to make the most out of your summer Friday is to work on your favorite sport, or try a new one. If you have time, work on two! Here are a few ideas:

  • Golfers, put in some time on the putting green. Once you’re done perfecting your short game, head to the driving range to straighten out your swing.
  • Tennis players, add some velocity to your serves. Grab a hopper of balls, hit the tennis court, and practice, practice, practice.
  • Get up on a surfboard. Is there a better excuse to hit the beach?
  • Shave some time off your personal best and hit the track to feel better about your next race.
  • Find a new trail. Both mountain bikers and runners can appreciate this one!
  • Live by the beach? Try taking up beach volleyball. Perfect your tan while getting in shape. Sounds like a win-win to us.

Add Some Culture to Your Life

You know those cultural events you want to go to, but never seem to find the time? Well, now’s your chance. Head to the local museum for to view their current exhibit, or check out a local artist’s collection at a nearby art gallery. Maybe there’s a new movie or play you haven’t had time to see – do it now!

Expand Your Weekend

Sometimes, two days simply isn’t enough for a weekend getaway. Take advantage of an extra day or two off to hit the road. Maybe there’s a camp site you keep avoiding because you don’t have time to get there. Summers are filled with music festivals. Get off work early on Thursday and go see your favorite bands perform!

Reconnect with Old Friends or Make New Ones

Have you been thinking about a long lost friend you haven't seen or spoken to in a while? There’s no time like the present to reconnect with them, especially on a sunny summer day. Give them a call and hit that great new bar with the awesome Happy Hour special. Or, better yet, find a new park for the both of you to visit and catch up. A walk is a great place for a nice conversation or to clear your mind.

Get back into a hobby you used to do

A summer Friday is the perfect time to dust off the items you’ve forgotten about. Head to your storage unit and grab those old roller skates or pick up that old guitar. With StorQuest Self Storage, your gear is never far away.

Let’s store. Let’s plan. Let’s go!


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