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Make Room For Awesome: In Motion


Never. Moving. Again.

We get it, moving sucks. Descriptors like hassle, burdensome, stressful, and dreadful come to mind, and the entire experience can be both taxing physically and mentally. At StorQuest, we’re here to challenge the stigma around moving, shake the status quo and shift the storage mindset.

Outside the Storage Box

As a team based in beautiful Southern California, our “no excuses” sense of possibility stems from our sunny outlook on life. Our mission is to help folks create new, inspired experiences; keep their stuff safe and protected while giving them something outside the storage box in return. It’s time to look at storing from an entirely unique perspective. We inspire people to make room in their lives for the awesome that awaits by offering a safe haven for gear and belongings.

Our Ideology

An idea is only as good as the actionable plan behind it. Here’s ours:

  • Embody the Live Big Spirit. We see the mover as the adventurer. We share stories about explorers and pepper in content about the latest and greatest gear and athlete feats to motivate you to go out and Live Big – wherever your sense of discovery takes you.
  • Encourage Exploration. We’re passionate about awakening your sense of curiosity. We want to know how YOU #MakeRoomForAwesome - so we’re asking. We use our platforms to drive positive conversations about your passions and unique interpretations of “awesome”. Our goal is to allow our fans to make bigger plans, get out there and make it happen.
  • Be Authentic. We regularly team up with admirable brands that may benefit your journey. Our friends include Purps, Alicia San Marcos, Bhu Foods, Keep Exploring, Jackson Pine Co., I’d Rather Be in Nature, and Colter Co. USA. We also host monthly contests and team up with awesome influencers in the travel and adventure world to keep you motivated and feeling empowered by the #MakeRoomForAwesome spirit.
  • Share the Inside Scoop. Self storage is our bread and butter. We’d be doing you a disservice if we didn’t regularly share our insider tips on storing, moving, and packing. We go the extra mile by showcasing the solution self storage provides when the forecast shifts or the seasons change. Let’s get that gear organized.
  • Keep It Real. We know that no one (most of us?) can rip waves 24/7. We get that “everyday life” exists. That, however, can’t keep us from inspiring you daily so when your times comes, you’re equipped and ready to go. If you ask us, adventure is always within reach – chase those dreams.

The End All Be All

If we can: lighten your load, inspire new experiences, craft new memories; create new tales, lift your mood, shift your mindset; inspire you to dream, plan, store, and get out there; awake your sense of discovery and encourage you to champion a more awesome life, we’ve accomplished what we’ve set out to do. At StorQuest, we are your tour guide and fellow traveler, and whatever life has in store for you, we’re here to help you make room for it.


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