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Kiss Disorderly Kitchen Conduct Goodbye. Let’s Get Cooking.

Ditch the excuses, get organized and make room for awesome culinary creations with these kitchen organization tips:

1. Get Lazy:

No, we aren’t talking about throwing in the sponge for sweatpants and Netflix (although that does sound tempting.) Minimize kitchen spills with a Lazy Susan. Store your sticky summer sauces on an easy-to-clean Lazy Susan to keep your cabinets and counters in check. Your new kitchen accessory will also pass as a great way to share favorite fixings at your next big cookout.

2. Hang Out:

Small kitchen blues? You’re not alone. Make the most of your space by hanging up your aprons, pots, and towels by mounting pegs on the wall. With more counter space you will have even more room to construct those summertime favorites.

3. 5 Minute Show-Down:

Bump up the tunes, grab your sponges and challenge your roommates or family to a 5-minute clean-up showdown. Once the mission is accomplished, treat yourselves to a summer snack so your troops are likely to chip in again down the line.


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