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Keep Adventuring - 6 Gems to Explore Near Sonora, California


At StorQuest, we know these last few months have been hard, but we’re hopeful for a full return to normal – where weekend adventures take form over craft beers with friends on a casual Tuesday evening. Today, we are offering trip ideas and awesome activities that are an easy execution in the epic town of Sonora, California. 

Like Kathmandu is to Nepal and Aqua Caliente in Peru is to Machu Picchu, Sonora, California, is one of those towns that act as a jumping-off point for adventurous pursuits. Settled in 1848 by miners from Mexico, the small town of Sonora still holds its historic charm and offers plenty of awesome activities. Take a look at StorQuest’s six places to explore near town.

Sonora Pass

The drive to Sonora Pass from downtown winds its way deep into the Sierra Nevada mountains. Twists and turns gain drivers epic mountain views on their way to the second-highest pass in the Sierra Nevada. Once there, hike the Pacific Crest Trail – you have the option of going south toward Sardine Creek or north toward namesake Sonora Peak – and St. Mary’s Pass trail for epic high-mountain views.

Underground Adventures

While the views above ground are awesome, the perspective from Sonora’s regional caves and caverns are epic. This includes Moaning Caverns, the largest single cave chamber in the state, and Mercer Caverns, discovered in 1885. Either way, you’ll have the opportunity to walk, spelunk, rappel, belly-crawl, and explore your way through tight spaces.

Emigrant Wilderness

Officially designated as a wilderness in 1975, Emigrant Wilderness is a high alpine area sandwiched between Yosemite National Park and the Stanislaus National Forest. You’ll find alpine lakes, meadows filled with wild lupine, and uncrowded trails.

Whitewater Rafting

Sonora is fortunate to have epic California whitewater nearby. The wild and scenic Tuolumne and Stanislaus rivers provide every kind of water adventure – from flat water floating to challenging, heart-pounding Class 5 runs.

Pinecrest Lake

Beautiful Pinecrest Lake is your flat water answer to year-round adventure, and there is plenty to do. Cast a line from the shore or a boat, stand-up paddle for a different view, circumnavigate the lake on a hiking trail, or just enjoy the cool waters on a hot California afternoon. This is the quintessential Sonora, California, experience.

Exchequer Mountain Bike Park

Find your style of mountain bike adventure at Exchequer. Designed and built by cyclists for riders of all levels. This mountain bike park has single-track, double-track, forest roads, and jump features to test your skills.

Your Experience is Part of the Journey

At StorQuest, we know that your experiences are what shape you. That’s why we go out of our way to make sure our storage facilities and offerings evolve with our customers' needs. We're here to help and offer contactless rental options at our kiosk and 24/7 access to your stored stuff. Stay healthy, stay safe.

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