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Is Climate-Controlled Storage Worth the Cost?


Coming up on the offseason for one of your sports and wondering what you should do to take care of your skis or surfboards? Maybe you’ve just heard about climate-controlled storage and want to get the download. Either way, StorQuest has you covered! Check out our helpful notes and tips to help you decide if climate-controlled storage will be worth it for you. Then, get out and make it awesome! 

What Exactly is the Cost?

Before getting too far, let’s look at the cost difference between standard storage options and climate-controlled storage. The cost to rent a storage unit depends on the location and facility, but no matter where you’re looking to store, you can expect to pay a bit extra for climate controlled-storage. How much? The price difference varies, but you can expect to pay anywhere from 20% to 50% more for a climate-controlled unit than you would for a standard unit. That likely means a difference in tens of dollars per month, or a few hundred dollars per year. 

What Am I Getting?

Climate-controlled storage units regulate the temperature and humidity levels to keep your stuff in good shape. To put it simply, you’ll pick it up in the same shape as when you dropped it off!

Tons of benefits come along with climate-controlled storage. Humidity control keeps organic materials like wood and leather from deforming and prevents mold and mildew. The air in climate-controlled units circulates regularly, meaning fresh air and no old basement smells. You’ll get an added barrier against dirt and pests, and that can be a lifesaver. You’re also getting peace of mind, knowing that your stuff will be in great shape when you’re ready to grab it and go. 

Does My Stuff Really Need Climate-Controlled Storage?

Whether or not you want to go with climate-controlled storage will depend on quite a few factors. 

  • Do you live in an area with extreme high or low temperatures or extreme humidity? 

  • Are you storing any items with organic materials that could crack or warp?

  • Are you storing any rare or valuable items, or anything with sentimental value?

  • Are you planning to store your stuff for more than a few months?

If you find yourself answering yes to any of those questions, then climate control is your best bet! With consistent temperature and humidity levels, climate-controlled storage takes good care of your sensitive items, and it’ll give you peace of mind anytime you’re storing something you can’t replace. On the other hand, if you’re storing for just a short stretch and don’t plan to store anything valuable, traditional storage will probably do just fine.

To help you make the call, here’s a list of items that you should think about keeping in climate-controlled storage:

  • Sports Equipment

  • Camping Gear

  • Electronics & Media (DVDs, Videos, Vinyl Records)

  • Musical Instruments

  • Furniture (Wood, Metal, Wicker, Leather, Upholstery)

  • Bedding & Mattresses

  • Collectibles & Fine Art

  • Clothing & Shoes

  • Metal Appliances

  • Leather Goods

  • Paper (Books, Magazines, Important Paperwork)

  • Antiques & Photograph

Your Stuff Matters. So Does Your Journey.

So is it worth it? Of course that depends! Think through what you need to store and how long you need to store it before deciding.

If you’re on the fence, think about whether investing a few extra dollars every month will help to put you at ease. If so, it’s probably worth it! Will it prevent damage to something you care about that would cost a lot more than a few dollars to replace (or would be irreplaceable)? Again, probably worth it!

You may not need it every time, but climate-controlled storage can be an awesome way to make sure you find your stuff just the way you left it. To learn more, check out all our storage options online, or find a storage option near you.

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