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Is a Tiny Home for You?

The idea of a Tiny House is appealing to some and a curiosity to others.  Haven’t heard of this trend yet?  Tiny Houses are generally defined as a home under 400 square feet.  Often Tiny Housers just want to live the simpler life with less stuff.  Some folks have chosen this leaner lifestyle for environmental reasons since Tiny Houses need less energy and produce less waste, while other inhabitants want to cut their bills by going “off the grid” – no mortgage or rent, utilities, no property taxes (some are built with wheels to move around and avoid a permanent residence). 



Could you go Tiny?  Choosing this lifestyle often means dramatic downsizing of possessions, including clothing, furniture, electronics, keepsakes, etc.  With only the square footage of one typical room for you and your family, the challenge is not only privacy, but an efficient use of space.  


For instance, it is essential to build storage into other functional areas, like the drawers built into this ladder:



In most models of Tiny Houses use vertical space, often for sleeping lofts…


And, drastically downsize kitchens and bathrooms…



But some Tiny Houses look quite luxurious!



As storage experts, we are intrigued by Tiny Houses!  There are take-aways from Tiny Living that we could all use in our larger homes to make our spaces more efficient and get the most from our own square footage. Still, it’s hard to wrap our brains around true Tiny living.  What about keepsakes, sports equipment, holiday decorations?   


Hopefully, Tiny Housers have looked into self storage – it’s a great way to live Tiny, but not have to purge all of their extra stuff, like seasonal, keepsakes and special items.  StorQuest Self Storage is available long-term (if you’re completely committed to Tiny Living) or short-term if you just want to give it a try!



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