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How to Take Care of Your Winter Sports Gear in the Off-Season


With winter coming to a close and spring right around the corner, it’s almost time to pack away your gear for the season. Follow along with StorQuest as we show you how you can keep your winter toys in tip-top shape for the next season of shredding snow-covered mountains and trekking trails.

Keep Your Gear Clean & Dry

Whether it’s right off of the mountain from your last run or it’s been sitting in your garage the past few weeks, now is the best time to grab your winter gear and get it prepped for storage. You’ll need a few cloths, some for cleaning off dirt and grime to start, and a few others for drying off your soapy solution. Create a mixture of warm water and a little soap to wipe (not soak) off any mud, dirt, debris, and rust.

Pro tip: Use a dry bristle brush first before any liquid to dust off dry dirt. For tougher spots, use the brush and give it a light scrub with the soapy solution. After the dirt is gone, wipe away any excess moisture with the dry cloths. This is the same process for all your gear, whether it’s a camping tent, skis, or hiking boots.

Sharpen & Refresh

For your skis or snowboard, a yearly sharpening is a must-do. Shredding down slopes, carving snow, packing equipment into your car, and sliding across the ski lift mats all cause bumps and nicks on the edges of your gear. Take your equipment into a local winter shop and get the edges sharpened. It’s usually a nominal fee and only takes a few minutes. If you want to learn a new skill, watch a YouTube video, buy a few tools, and do it yourself easily.

Pack It Properly

After everything is nice and cleaned up, properly packing away your gear is just as important as getting it freshened up. Store away tents in their proper bags, place your snowboard in its protective carrying case, buy some ski edge protectors or a ski rack, and toss in a few silicone moisture absorber packets to keep things extra dry.

Find the Perfect Place to Store It

Make Room For Awesome®, and say goodbye to cramped closets and garages. StorQuest can make it easy with a storage unit at any one of our convenient locations. From smaller locker-sized spaces to our larger units and even RV parking, we have the space you want for all your off-season storage needs.

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