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How to Live BIG in a Small Space


The tiny house. We’re sure you’ve heard all the hype about these portable, affordable homes – especially as real estate prices continue to soar. Minimalism at its finest, small living spaces such as lofts, studios, and tiny homes are becoming a thing of the present. As the trend of downsizing continues to rise, maximizing your space is becoming more and more important. Many are choosing to spend their hard-earned money on adventures rather than a large, expensive residence. At StorQuest Self Storage, we support you on your journey for experience over space. Try these seven tips to up your organization game and make room for awesome.

Use Your Corners

No corner goes untouched, at least in small spaces. Use corner-friendly furniture and storage options such as sectional couches and shelving to make the most of unused areas of your home. Maximizing these areas can help to create a new, favorite spot of your own. We like the idea of setting up a comfortable reading nook with an armchair and floor lamp – plotting your next adventure just got a little bit more relaxing.

Hide Desk Space

Help ease the workday-to-night transition by placing your workspace in a concealed area of your home. Have unused closet space? Check to see if your desk will fit inside. Do you have a staircase with extra room beneath it? Add in cabinets and baskets for more storage. Make working from home, work for you.

Get Creative! Combine Function and Storage

Selecting furniture pieces that double as storage can add space and a chic element to your home. To easily store your necessary but less frequently used items, look for ottomans and coffee tables with hinged tops. If you’re feeling crafty, take an old wooden ladder and spruce it up to act as a bookshelf – turned towel rack – turned spice rack. Condensing your belongings into a small space does not have to be a challenge. It can be exciting!

The Magic of Windows and Mirrors

No matter the view, windows work wonders for any small apartment. Foster feelings of open space by eliminating window coverings and allow in natural light. Strategically placed mirrors bounce the rays around and can make your room look twice the size. We’re all about the outdoors – let’s work on bringing it in!

Loft Like College

There’s a reason thousands of college students loft their dorm beds each year – it’s a major space saver. A built-in loft in a kid’s room or office can turn a traditional room into a cool play area or well-designed office space.

Walls Are Your Canvas

Utilizing your wall space can help turn any room into a well-designed, functional space. First, switch to mounting your electronics to get televisions and lamps up off the floor. In the kitchen, move the microwave and other small appliances off the counter and under the cabinets. Install racks and hooks on your doors to free up even more much-needed space.

Organize and Downsize

The easiest way to create space in your home is by cleaning, organizing, and downsizing. Schedule a cleaning day to go through all your stuff and organize accordingly. Try this: choose an area of your home to focus on each week. Create three different piles for the area you are focusing on: donate, throw away, and find a home.

Conquer Your Lifestyle

Every day we make decisions that influence our lifestyle, whether it’s buying a new piece of furniture, adding to your bike collection, or taking up a new hobby. Don’t let space be the determining factor in upgrading your life. Stay organized, make smart decisions, and store your necessary, underused, or rotational items in a StorQuest Self Storage unit today!


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