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How to Live Big From Your Small Space


Doing your part by staying home this winter doesn’t mean you can’t live big – even if you’re in a small space. All you need is a little creativity and ingenuity. Keep your surf skills sharp on a balance board. Temporarily transform your road or mountain bike into a stationary bike. Create the ultimate compact home gym. The possibilities are endless. StorQuest has your back with these tips for living big – and responsibly – from your small space.

Keep Your Home Gym Compact

One of the many things 2020 taught us is that gym memberships are overrated. We were forced to work out at home – and we found out it’s not all that bad. But not all of us have a spare room to convert into a home gym. No worries. Dedicate a corner of your closet to your free weights, resistance bands, and yoga mats and pull them out when it’s time to work out. Put together the perfect YouTube fitness video rotation or join a Zoom class or two. Staying home doesn’t mean your workouts have to suffer – and you’ll save on gym fees in the long run, even if you’ll have to invest in equipment up front.

Stay Sharp in the Offseason 

Buy a balance board to keep your surf skills in shape until the spring. They’re compact and super versatile. Get a trainer stand and turn your road or mountain bike into a makeshift stationary bike. It’s a great cardio workout – and you’ll be ready for the trails when the weather heats up.

Organizing Hacks

Desks and beds that fold into the wall. Furniture that serves multiple purposes. Strategic shelving. Furniture with hidden storage. Pegboards to sort accessories, photos, and more. Get creative when it comes to storing your everyday stuff and you’ll have more room to live big. A storage unit at StorQuest is also always an option.

Level Up Your WFH Space

Think vertically and make a loft out of your bed and devote the space underneath to a workspace. Find a desk with storage – or even one that folds down from the wall. Or find a super compact desk – maybe a secretary desk or even a small table. Let an exercise ball do double duty as your desk chair. You can save major space with equipment too. Find a tablet-sized monitor to pair with your laptop for the ultimate compact double-monitor setup. You can even find monitors that attach to your laptop for maximum compactness – and mobility. Dream big to live big. With a little creativity, you can make happen.

Make Room. Then Make It Happen.

A gear closet is another awesome way to create more space at home. Turning your StorQuest storage unit into a space for your adventure gear is a game-changer. Whatever it is you love to do, a unit makes the ultimate launchpad for adventure. Stash your surfboard, snowboard and ski gear, mountain or road bikes, camping gear, backpacking equipment, climbing gear – whatever it is that you love. Keeping it at StorQuest means you’ll always be ready when the outdoors beckon. Just be sure to strategically organize your space so the current season’s gear is easily accessible.

Find the StorQuest closest to you and start living big today.

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