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How to Gear Up for Safe Summer Explorations


Stay-at-home orders are beginning to lift as we enter the summer months and we get your need to take-off and counter that cooped-up feeling you endured all spring. A good old-fashioned road trip might just be your ticket to an adventure while staying safe is your most important priority. With the weather warm and the need to get outside high on your list, StorQuest has put together tips on how to have a safe summer travel adventure.

Plan Ahead

While you may be the ultimate explorer, a lot will have changed in post-pandemic times. Be sure to do lots of research and devise a plan to schedule, reserve, and secure the things you need to ensure your vacation this year is epic.


Hands down, enjoying a safe post-pandemic vacation is better if you drive yourself. While airlines have taken precautions to make air travel less risky, it still means practicing social distancing will be challenging. However, taking to the open road solo or with friends and family lets you control who you travel with and the physical distance you stay from others while you’re out hiking, kayaking, camping, and relaxing.


With driving in mind, why not make your summer travel an all-inclusive room on wheels? Renting an RV is a great way to explore and experience a journey seeing new places at your own pace. Plus, you’ll enjoy an added bonus – having everything you need with you. Roll up to a lake and hop in. Drive to the trailhead, hike, and snag a picnic table for a celebratory refreshment you grabbed from the fridge.

Rent a House Over a Hotel

While hotel rooms offer that indescribable feeling of relaxation, renting a house may be your better option to keep you and your crew safe. A home offers more options when it comes to eating, chilling, and getting ready to go out and play. There is nothing like coming together after an adventurous time outside doing something awesome by grilling on the BBQ with brews in hand and reliving your daytime epic.

Keep Your Crew Safe

After you have your plan on how you’ll spend your summertime travel, take a moment to consider what you’ll do to make sure you and those you travel with limit risks and remain safe. If you travel across states, make sure you read up on any extra precautions you need to take while visiting. Keep sanitizer on-hand and carry a mask in your backpack. Remember, the key is to continue to respect the people you encounter and the places you visit.

Have Fun – Life Is Still an Epic Adventure!

We are all still figuring things out as we adjust to these ever-changing circumstances, but the good news is summer adventure is back. Make room for awesome in your life and use your StorQuest unit as a springboard into your upcoming explorations.

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