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How the StorQuest Team Makes Room for Awesome


Work hard, play hard. At the StorQuest headquarters in Santa Monica, CA, we take that mantra to heart. We love what we do, so there is no difference for us between a Monday or a Friday. And since we’re in the business of making your life more awesome, our team embraces this sentiment as well. Here are a few ways that the StorQuest team makes room for awesome in their day-to-day.

We Never Stop Moving

A great life is one filled with the things you love. When we aren’t finding new ways to make your life awesome, we are finding ways to stay moving. We start and end our day strong by skateboarding or riding our bikes to and from the office. During lunch breaks, we pick up our surfboards and crush a few waves. And once a week we head for the beach to renew our minds and spirits with a yoga session. 

We Get Out There – Together

Anytime we can get outside as a team, we go for it. We figure, what better way to bond? Whether it is sporting our blue and white at a Dodgers game, hitting the Santa Monica boardwalk, or paddleboarding the marina, we love to get moving together. 

We’re There for Each Other

It doesn’t matter what for, we’re a team of supporters. We strive to collaborate as a team to solve problems, get things done fast, and provide you with innovate storage solutions. If a team member has a deadline, we all come together to help them out. And when we crush our goals, we aren’t afraid to celebrate with a bike ride or a hike and some poke at Sweetfin.

We Use Self Storage, Too!

As big advocates for the power of self storage, our employees use StorQuest units to make room for awesome, too! Just like you, we use the extra space to help with moving across town, holding camping gear until our next adventure, and keeping our driveways clear of the RV until it’s road trip time.

A Team That Has Your Back

We are to-do list conquerors, dreamers, and inventors just as much as we are surfers, skiers, underwater explorers, and mountain peak seekers. So no matter your situation, our team at StorQuest can relate and we will always have your back. Reach out to learn more about our self storage solutions and locations.


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