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How Self Storage Can Help With Your Renovation Project


Whether you’re planning a major remodel or a simple room makeover, you’re probably looking for somewhere to store your things mid-renovation. Here is how self storage can help with your next big project.

Keep It Upbeat & Flowing

Keep your space clear and ready for action. The biggest benefit of utilizing self storage for your renovation project is you don’t have to sweat where to store your stuff. If you’ve got it stored, you can rest easy without extra furniture or boxes all over the place, helping you keep focus on the project at hand. Plus, if you run into any delays, you’ll still have a clutter-free space for excellent peace of mind.

Keep Those Passions Ready to Go

While you’re working on something at home, you need to keep space and time for your passions. Your bikes, golf clubs, or outdoor gear are what help you unwind and recenter. Use your storage unit to keep what matters secure, or stow your furniture to keep your hobbies as close as possible.

Level Up

Make use of your home renovation project to pare down excess belongings and get inspired for new choices in decoration. If you’re revitalizing your space, it’s a good time to upgrade or refurbish your current couch or furniture sets. The empty space a storage unit affords you gets you reimagining, and having an extra space to organize boosts the ability to consider what pieces you want to sell or make over.

While you’re packing stuff up, set aside important items you can’t live without during the project. This is a great exercise in learning less is more! Consider downsizing or organizing other areas of your home for a more minimalist lifestyle. Not only is it liberating to have less stuff, it leaves space for more hobbies, fun, and memories.

Protect Your Stuff

Ensure your stuff is safe by keeping your furniture and boxes in a dedicated storage space. It’ll protect your things from sustaining damage, and a climate-controlled unit can keep some of your favorite pieces in pristine condition, unlike garages. StorQuest offers climate-controlled units to protect what matters most, when it matters most.

Make use of our search tool to find a location close to you with climate control options and start focusing on your big renovation projects.

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