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Go BIG by Giving Back

Don’t let the cold weather keep you inside. It’s the season of giving, so grab your gear, get out there and give back to our beautiful planet.

1. Be a Trailblazer:
Get fit and fired-up by working with your local trail association to mark trees and keep hikers on the right track. Bring your gloves and dig in to help build a section of new trail.
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2. Get Counting:
Put your GPS to good use and get involved in wildlife counts at your local park. Protect at-risk species by mapping habitat areas and collecting wildlife data.
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3. Tree Planting:
Add some greenery to the great outdoors this month. Spend a day planting trees in your local community and help keep air and water pollution in check.
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4. Burn Energy, Not Gas:
If you’ve had a few too many holiday treats, take the scenic route and grab your bike, skates or sneakers next time you hit the road.

Help make an awesome impact this season and change our world one feel-good adventure at a time.


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