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Get Organized!

It is Get Organized Week and we at StorQuest love to help people get organized and make the most from their home, garage or office space. In honor of one of our favorite weeks of the year, we are putting together a “greatest hits” of our best organizing tips. See which one of these inspires you to organize this week.

When organizing and storing items, keep them in clear plastic containers. These types of containers will keep your stuff clean, safe, and you can see what is inside. Click here for many more tips on protecting your personal treasures.


If you have a special hobby or craft, you probably have lots of stuff to organize. Separate by materials, by project, by hobby, or by season and store in decorative bins or boxes. Seasonal decorations or projects can go in the garage or storage. How do you store your crafts and hobbies?


Where ever you chose to store your belongings, take advantage of vertical space by using tall shelving and even ceiling storage in the garage. This is a perfect way to store your holiday decorations.


Be sure to maximize office space with storage, to make room for revenue generating staff and offer a pleasant work environment to employees. Store stuff offsite that wastes space or clutters the office, such as files, inventory, and supplies.


Whether you are storing your stuff in a self storage unit, a closet, or in your garage, store heavy bulkier items in the back and smaller stuff, or things that you may access more frequently, towards the front.

StorQuest_Self_Storage_Maximize_Office_Space (1)

Organizing takes time and patience. Decide what things are needed on a daily basis, and the rest can be stored in a closet, garage, attic or even a self storage unit. If you take your time, organize room by room, you will soon find yourself with more usable, productive, and enjoyable space. Good luck!


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