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Get Geared Up With All the Essentials


Packing is an imperative part of your trip planning, whether you’re heading out on a road trip or a backpacking expedition. Here are a few essentials to help you gear up for any adventure on the horizon.


It sounds simple but a headlamp is an imperative explorer’s tool. When you’re on a trip, time can get away from you, which often means pulling into a campsite or location after dark. A headlamp can help you set up camp, find things in your bag, or make it easier to unpack the essentials out of your car. The ability to be hands free while you work is an amazing convenience you’ll be grateful for.

LifeSaver Water Bottle

While you travel, water is important. However packing in and out jerrycans or water bottles of fresh drinkable water gets heavy. A LifeSaver can purify water on the go, making it a useful tool on the trail when there is a reliable water source. In general, a LifeSaver is a great emergency tool to keep in your car or on a trek just in case.


GPS is a useful tool for adventuring on and off the beaten path. Some people are experts at finding their way, but it’s always nice to have basics like a map, compass, and GPS tool to ensure you never get lost. If you’re a gearhead, check out some of the more modern accessories like satellite-connected watches that can have a compass and GPS capabilities built in.

Mobile Hotspot

If you work from the road or are passionate about sharing your travels online, you have to stay connected. While most cell providers allow you to use your phone as a hotspot, it isn’t always reliable or fast. You’ll want to pick up a MiFi device, like the Verizon Jetpack, that allows you faster, more reliable speeds in addition to your smartphone.

Skin Protection

If you’re a seasoned traveler, you probably have a go-to hat. Protecting yourself from the elements is vital for an enjoyable trip – no one wants to get sunburned on day one. Check out REI for a new trusty adventure cap if you’ve been relying on sunblock. A few have bug nets built in you can roll down for when you’re camping or hiking somewhere with mosquitos.

An Emergency Kit

When you’re packing up your gear, always leave space for your emergency kit. Any outdoor store carries compact kits that can save the day. A great addition is a satellite global hotspot that allows you to send texts off the grid and allows friends to track your travels through GPS. It also has an SOS button if you ever need assistance.

A Place for It All

When you’re not out and about, you need a spot to stow your gear. If your garage is already overflowing with your hobby essentials, get a unit at StorQuest Self Storage for an all-in-one place for your camping, hiking, and weekending equipment. Check out the Store Locator to find a space close to you.

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