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Fun With Cardboard Boxes

There’s a reason kids and pets love cardboard; the possibilities are endless!  Check out some creative uses for cardboard boxes:

If you’ve got any cardboard left after this, you can create a Knight costume!  (Will mom let us add a moat?)

This is WAY cooler than some of the play houses we’ve seen for sale.

He’ll be the envy of the kitty community – just think what this would cost from the pet store!

Okay, never mind – THIS cat will be the envy of the kitty community.  If you’ve got young kids, this could be an action figure tank… or better yet you could make a KID-SIZED one!

Now add some gray paint and draw some bricks on there (that’ll make it sturdier too).

Um… just remind them not to light the burners.

Best. Birthday party. Ever.

Who needs video games?!

This could be that Knight’s armor we were talking about.

Hat’s off to your creativity!

Inspired to play with cardboard?  Well, you’re in luck; StorQuest sells boxes and packing materials!  Check out StorQuest locations where you can purchase boxes of all sizes or order at our Online Moving Supply Store with FREE shipping!   And remember, where one person sees a box, another sees fun!

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