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Down to Earth

At StorQuest, we believe in making an effort, inside and outside the office, to help make a difference in our environment.  Earth Day falls on the 22nd of April and is a great reminder to us all to take care of this beautiful place we call home.

The time is now to make changes in our daily habits. We support this movement in our office by enacting a recycling program and enabling energy-saving settings on our computers and lights. 

Because many of our StorQuest team members love the outdoors, many choose to have a “green” commute - walking, riding bikes or skateboarding to work each day.  While some employees have a longer commute (the corporate office is in Southern California, after all), we do our best to walk around locally when we can.  On Walk to Work Day this month, we all teamed up together for a casual midday walk, keeping both the environment and our own health in mind.

Making an effort to help the environment will only work if we all pitch in together.  Oh, and be sure to plant (or hug) a tree on Arbor Day, April 29!



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