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Cool Winter Coats

There’s just something about a stylish, well-designed cold weather coat that is the perfect combination of form and function. Take a look at some of these super-cool Winter Coats that will keep you warm and make you movie-star stylish for a day out on the town during the cold months.

The Costanza

Now here’s a look that says “Bring it on Winter!” with the added benefit of adding impressive “muscle mass” for the wearer… (Not advised for tight seating spaces or browsing through an antique shop full of precariously perched breakables).

The Grabber

Are you giving a piggy back ride to the Hulk’s kids? Are you in a state of perpetual prayer? Is this thing difficult to fasten or take off? Does it matter? You’re gonna turn lots of heads – and what’s cooler than that?!

The Scoop

Don’t settle for dull, tired cold weather styles anymore! And stop worrying so much about being able to see more than three feet in front of you… After all, what’s more appealing than a fuzzy single-scoop strawberry swirl ice cream cone in winter?

The Intimidator

Be the envy of your friends in this winter jacket from the future! Avoiding crowds and lines while shopping will be inevitable in this jacket as crowds disperse, women and children scurry worriedly away and security guards raise eyebrows.

The Guardian

Other parents will nod and smile knowingly when they see how cleverly you’ve bundled your joy in this “Aw!”-inducing winter outfit, designed not only to keep your offspring warm and cozy in the harshest of climates but also to keep them from running off while you’re not looking.

The Teddy

Why should you ever have to leave the comfort of your bedroom just because you have to leave the house? Stay as snug and secure as a kid in her pile of stuffed animals everywhere you go! Use caution when walking out of a plush toy store – try not to look “suspicious”.

The Huh???

Why should you ever have to explain yourself to anybody? As long as you’re warm, yellow and happy, that’s all that matters. Well, yellow and happy at least. Well, yellow. Disclaimer: not for all body types.

The Ambiguity

Who says a man can’t wear a woman’s coat? Who says a woman can’t wear a man’s coat? Who says this coat is for either? We’re not really sure who is supposed to wear this.

Well, there you have it. Some of the coolest, smartest coats on the streets today… Having second thoughts about getting the old coat out of storage? More certain now than ever? Either way, we’re glad we could help ;)


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