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Conquer Queen Creek’s Best Trails In May


Summer’s right around the corner and, if you live in Arizona, you know that means triple-digit temps are on the way. Instead of waiting for hotter temperatures and peak-season crowds, take advantage of the milder conditions and kick off exploration season early. May is a great time to pull your mountain bike or backpack out of storage and get moving. From dusty rural washes to paved mixed-use urban walking paths, there’s a trail to satisfy every boot and wheel right here in Queen Creek, AZ.

Discover the Best Trails in Queen Creek, AZ

Queen Creek Wash Trail

Whether you prefer to jog or stroll, Queen Creek Wash Trail is the perfect place to enjoy the outdoors in Queen Creek, AZ. As a paved, multi-use trail, it caters to explorers of all ages and abilities. Strap on your rollerblades or quads and take the pups out for an on-leash adventure. This paved path is the perfect place to take the kids out to learn to carve, pedal, and turn on any wheels.

This 4.7-mile trail weaves through town, following along the banks of Queen Creek Wash. Expect to pass open spaces, farmland, residential communities, and athletic fields. Public parking is available at Desert Mountain Park where you can also have lunch at one of their picnic shelters where kids, and the young at heart, can run out their energy on one of the playgrounds.

Dynamite Mountain Bike Trail

If barreling down a mountain at full speed is your idea of a good time, we’ve got you covered. Check out Dynamite Mountain Bike Trail in the Goldmine Mountain range. Perfect for mid-level mountain bikers, Dynamite Trail connects to the Goldmine Trail near the Goldmine Trailhead, winding along the mountainside to the San Tan Trail. Only 2.4 miles long, Dynamite is considerably less rocky than similar trails nearby and features a 437-foot descent for those who really know how to handle their two-wheeled steed.

Sonoqui Wash Trail

For those looking for a little bit of the Wild West in their adventures, you’ll be happy to know that there’s horse-friendly trail riding in Queen Creek. Offering a variety of great equestrian trails worth exploring, Sonoqui Wash Trail, part of the larger Maricopa Trail System, is a sandy 5.8-mile expanse weaving in and out of the rural desert landscape surrounding Queen Creek. Enjoy pristine views of mesquite trees, sage brush, and wildflowers. If you’re lucky, you may even sneak a peek of the area’s famous cottontail rabbits!

San Tan Loop Trail

In the mood for a longer hike or ride? San Tan Loop Trail is a lightly trafficked 7.4 miler. The loop itself is mostly flat, with minimal hills and an amazing array of wildflowers and views of the Malpais Hills. You can bring along your canine sidekick, but remember dogs must be kept on leash as this trail is popular with mountain bikers using it for speed training.

Share the Trail

If it’s been a while since you’ve brushed up on your trail etiquette, now is the perfect time for a refresher. Give these a quick read before you head out to make sure that your adventure is fun for everyone on the trail.

  • Bikers yield to hikers and horses; hikers yield to horses
  • Stay to the right but pass on the left
  • Call out, “On your left” to notify others when overtaking
  • Leave no trace – pick up after yourself and your pets
  • Smile and say hello! Not a requirement, but it certainly doesn’t hurt!

From hiking and biking to horseback riding, StorQuest is here to help you get more miles out of every adventure.  


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