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Conquer Fall Outdoors With These 10 Activities


Crisp mornings, short days, and crunchy leaves; the scent of fresh apple pie, pumpkin carving contests, and trees painted with beautiful colors. Fall is nostalgic for a reason – it’s a great time to look back on memories and create new ones. With perfect temperatures and ideal scenery, spending time outside is a must this time of year. And we’re here to help you make life more awesome with these 10 fall activities.

Biking Around

There’s no better time to break your cycling gear out of storage and hit the pavement – or the trail – than in the fall. If you usually like road biking, try switching it up and go crush some backcountry trails. Autumn is prime mountain bike time, thanks to a bit more moisture in the air that knocks the dust down. 

Hit a Local Pumpkin Patch

As soon as October 1st rolls around, all things pumpkin reappear. (Who are we kidding? It’s already happening.) Take some time to get to know the pumpkin patches in your area and then select your favorite to pick out a pumpkin or two. Bonus: pumpkin patches are undeniably photogenic, so don’t forget your phone to capture the magic – and to post a pic of it on Instagram.

Ascend the Nearest Peak

Hiking can do wonders for the soul. Seek out new hikes in your area, and set a goal to try a few of them in this fall. Bring along your pup and some friends for an afternoon escape. If you go solo, make sure to leave a note that specifies when and where you plan to go hiking. And, depending on the difficulty and timing of your trek, be prepared with these hiking must haves:

  • Trekking Poles
  • Hydration Pack
  • Snacks
  • Headlamp

Take a Scenic Drive

With rich reds, bright yellows, and oranges of all shades, the colors this time of the year are nothing short of amazing. Take a drive to check out the changing scenery and bring along a picnic lunch to enjoy at a scenic viewpoint. If you have an RV or trailer, make it a longer trip and set-up shop along a grove of changing aspens.

Work Hard in the Yard

Ok, we know what you’re thinking. Yard work, that’s not fun. Well yes, it can be! Especially if you do it incrementally, interspersing your weekends with adventures in between. Pick one afternoon to be productive and get all those leaves piled up before winter comes. This task only becomes mundane if you wait until it is overwhelming. Get an early start, throw on some tunes and make your yard awesome!

Set Up Camp

Just because the summer’s over doesn’t mean it’s too late to get in some quality camping time. In fact, it may be even better now than it was a couple months ago. With a majority of the nation’s campfire bans no longer in effect, this is the perfect time to set yourself up under the stars and enjoy a quiet night next to the fire. What’s even better, there will be fewer people out on the trails, which means less noise and more tranquility.

Tour Orchard Groves

What’s better than the smell of fresh apple pie on a cool autumn evening? Stock up on fresh fruits and jams at a local orchard. If you don’t have any U-pick farms nearby, visit your local farmers’ market for all the same goodness in one convenient spot.

DIY Photography

With the multitude of colors and beauty that fall brings, it deserves to be documented. Whether you are an old pro or a newbie photographer, take out the camera and test out your skills. Looking for a few tips to get even better pics? Check out your local REI for great outdoor photography classes.

Rock Climbing

Grab your gear and choose your route. Rock climbing is a great sport for beginners and veterans alike – not to mention it’s a fantastic full-body exercise. If you do plan to go, make sure to learn the lingo.

Tailgating & Sports

Football, beer, and brats – all the ingredients you need for an awesome fall tailgate. Invite friends over for a watch party, or catch the action live with a visit to your favorite professional or collegiate football stadium.

Have some free time before kickoff? Grab your friends for a quick pick-up game or recruit the neighbors to toss the ball around.

Enjoy the Outdoors this Fall

Think of fall like an extension of summer, only with milder temperatures and shorter days. Fall is the perfect time to catch up on your favorite outdoor activities and savor nature’s scenery. Don’t wait until next spring to try out a new outdoor hobby or activity. Take the reins and start exploring the outdoors this autumn. At StorQuest Self Storage, we’re here to help you live bigger and live better – no matter the season.


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