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Clever Ways to Store Holiday Decorations!


With the holidays upon us, preparing in advance how you’ll store decorations after the new year ensures you won’t be tripping on lights and garland in the garage every time you walk out to start the car. Whether you have a large home to decorate, or just need to make more space in your apartment, finding clever ways to store holiday decorations benefits anyone looking to add a little spirit to their home. At StorQuest, we’ve compiled a list of helpful ways to store holiday decorations.

5 Tips for Storing Holiday Decorations

  1. Store Lights Around Large Empty Cans — Don’t know what to do with all those coffee cans you’ve been saving? We have an idea: use them to neatly store holiday lights, extra bulbs, and extension cords. First, cut a slit in the plastic lid and slide one end of the light cord through it so that the plug is on the inside of the can. Wrap the string of lights around the can, and then store extra bulbs and cords inside. Remember to store colored lights in a dark place to prevent fading!
  2. Use a Fabric Divided Container to Store Ornaments — Do you have an old shoe organizer with different slots that you’re no longer using? Fabric divided containers are ideal for storing ornaments, just be sure to wrap ornaments in tissue paper to ensure their safety while in storage. Hanging organizers are also great as they take up minimal space and are easy to store in a closet or storage unit.
  3. Protect Odd Shaped Plastic Yard Ornaments with Zippered Garment Bags — Did you or someone in your family receive a new suit or dress for the holidays? Repurpose the zippered garment bag it came in to protect plastic reindeer, snowmen, and Santa’s sleigh instead of boxing them up. By protecting them with garment bags instead of boxes, you’ll have more space for the rest of your holiday décor.
  4. Labels and Lists — Do you always struggle with finding what you’re looking for when it comes to stored holiday decorations? Labeling each box, bag, and container with the exact contents can help you save time searching next year. One option for listing out the contents of a box would be to tape the list directly to the box itself. You could also number each box and list the contents of each box in a journal. Imagine pulling out a notebook, scanning the list, and finding that the wreath is in box number three. Simplify your process by getting organized with lists and labels.
  5. Reuse Egg Cartons and Cookie Tins for Storage — Small ornaments and decorations can be stored in old egg cartons, cookie tins, and paper towel or toilet paper rolls. Egg cartons give each of your small ornaments their own protected space. Packing decorations in paper towel rolls gives them additional padding and protection when stored in a metal cookie tin. Thanks for the extra storage, Grandma!


Make More Space with StorQuest Self Storage

When it comes to clever ways to store holiday decorations, there’s no better solution than renting a storage unit. Because holiday decorations are used once a year, selecting storage outside the home is your best bet for a stress-free winter season.

With that said, Happy holidays from StorQuest! And remember, we’re here 365 days a year to help you on your quest to make room for awesome.


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