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Box Sled Races

Each year, untold hoards of snow goers gear up for the Box Sled Races, this annual extravaganza of ingenuity and style, and each year all but an elite few return home with their heads bent and tails tucked in defeat. But not you. Not this time. With the following examples, you’re sure to drop what you’re doing and dash to the garage with exitement and a newfound sense of purpose. Now, get ready for inspiration and take a gander at these winning Box Sled archetypes:


1. The BOSS Advantage: There’s no need to go AROUND the sled you’re gaining on. Disadvantage: Transportation trailer not included.


2. The GEEK

Advantage: This crowd-pleaser is going to get photographed a LOT.

Disadvantage: You’re going to CRY if it gets damaged during the race.


3. The SAUCE Advantage: Distract other sledders with subliminal thoughts of the after-party. Disadvantage: Don’t distract yourself with thoughts of the after-party.


4. The VISITOR Advantage: The 360 degree view on this aerodynamic beauty is out of this world. Disadvantage: Ground clearance is low – you might become a speeding shovel.


5.The CAN Advantage: The competition will giggle uncontrollably, throwing them off their game. Disadvantage: The center of gravity is high and forward – your victory cry could quickly be cut short by a face plant.


6. The AVIATOR Advantage: With any luck, you might sail to victory if it’s windy enough that day. Disadvantage: There’s no way to stop or perform a controlled landing if it takes flight.


7. The MOM Advantage: Everyone, including the judges, EXPECTS your kids to get out and push. Disadvantage: Don’t forget to bring the kids to push it, or else it’s not going anywhere.


8. The WORKHORSE Advantage: Great visibility and comfortably seats two. Disadvantage: The front plow can prove to be a real “showstopper” if it comes loose.


9. The FRED SLED Advantage: Front and rear drums help sled overcome minor obstacles. Disadvantage: Really only works if you have the costumes to go with it.


10. The BUZZ Advantage: With the wind behind you, Mr. Lightyear provides the added advantage of a sail. Disadvantage: With the wind against you, maybe Mr. Lightyear wasn’t such a great idea after all.


Well, there you have it. Ten Top-of-the-Line Box Sled designs for the taking. Even if you don’t live near one of the official Box Sled races around the country, you can build your own in any snowy area – like near StorQuest in Denver, CO or Williston, ND. The best part about building a box sled? You probably have the necessary materials laying around. Even if you don’t, StorQuest has packing supplies at all locations, including all the tape and cardboard boxes you’ll need!


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