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Bid Farewell to a Disheveled Desk

When you're running around like a chicken sans head, it's hard to rank a clean workspace very high on your priority list. Before you reach for the coffee and Red Bull, pump up your productivity with these 3 office organization hacks.

1. Clear the Clutter:
The truth is, you will never need 99% of the papers that you are saving. Learn to stop your hoarding habit by treating your desk like you treat your gear. Whenever you find yourself adding to the clutter, make it a habit to find something that you can toss to keep a healthy balance.

2. Get it Straight:
Just like we were taught to make our beds each morning, we should straighten up our desks each night. Just 5 minutes of organizing can bring closure to a work day and set the tone for an awesome day tomorrow.

3. Manage the Clock:
One handy time management trick is distinguishing between those must-attend events and regular to-do items. Kick stress to the curb by separating what needs to take place at a specific time on a specific day from your more flexible “to-dos.”

So don’t wait for spring to get cleaning. It’s time. Time to set aside your excuses, get organized and make it happen. Let’s go


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