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Best Tips for Moving & Consolidating Your Adventure Gear


At StorQuest, we have a unique vision of what self storage can do for the world. We see storage as a way to amplify the awesome lifestyle you’re already living. Instead of just a place to keep your stuff, StorQuest is here to empower you to make more room for the things you love in life. Whether you’re in the midst of a big move or you’re looking to turn your self storage unit into the ultimate sports locker, you’ll want to check out this list of our top tips for moving and consolidating your adventure gear.

Start Off Strong

Sort through all of your gear and put them into three categories – frequently used, sometimes used, and haven’t used in a while. Once you’ve created your piles, look through the things you haven’t given some love to in a while. Take any – or all of it – to a local consignment shop or donate it to a nonprofit thrift store. Keep your other two piles separated for easy storing later.

Prep Your Gear

Now that you’ve pared down your gear, you’re ready to start prepping for the big move. Bubble wrap anything you don’t want to get scratched or dented while in transport – think skis, snowboard, wakeboard. Start boxing up equipment used for the same sports, making sure your heaviest items are stored at the bottom. To prevent things from shifting around inside, use old towels or newspaper to fill in the gaps. Label the sides with what’s inside before taping the box up. Keep the loose little stuff like biking and waxing tools organized by storing them in gallon-sized bags. Then label, duct tape, or rubber band them to the corresponding equipment.

Loading & Transporting

Now it’s time to play moving Tetris. Start by loading the gear you use most often into your vehicle, followed by the gear you use less frequently. This will come in handy when you’re unloading your stuff into your unit, as you won’t have to do a ton of shuffling when you get to your drop-off destination. Carefully stack your equipment, and wrap moving blankets around larger things like surfboards and bikes.

Setting Up Your Unit

You’ve successfully made it to your storage unit, and now it’s time to unload. All the gear you’ve sorted into the sometimes-used pile should be the first to come out of your vehicle. These items and boxes can be stored toward the back of your unit so that your most used gear is the easiest to access in the front. We recommend bringing freestanding shelving to help make the most of your space. For a little inspiration, take a look at how world surfing champion Kelly Slater turned his StorQuest unit into the ultimate adventure locker.

Make it Happen with StorQuest

Chart your own course and find your own definition of awesome. Our state-of-the-art self storage facilities are here to help you make room and then make it happen. Find a location near you and start storing with StorQuest today

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