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Back to Cool: Organization Hacks

Whether you use your home office for homework or business, it has the potential to become the ultimate imagination space. However, if left a mess, your desk might as well be called the procrastination station. Get more done so you can have more fun with these 4 killer home office organization hacks.

1. Purge Your Office
Before you get down to cleaning, start by decluttering. This might seem daunting, but it will be a lot easier once you bite the bullet, and start by throwing out what you don’t need.

2. Can’t Toss it? Store it
Grab an old magazine rack, filing cabinet, or shoe box and begin to organize those “must-haves” in a way that will make your search for the right document a breeze. Not to mention, it may be a great trip down memory lane.

3. Go Digital
Whether it’s your calendar, bills, or photos from an awesome vacation, minimize clutter by going digital. Scan or sync your must-have documents to your email to make them accessible anytime, anywhere. Once these are digital, make sure to recycle the hard copies to make room for what’s next!

4. Curb Cable Clutter
More than just a safety hazard, those snaking masses of wires and cables can just be straight ugly. So, go wireless! Get rid of any electronic equipment you no longer need and use as many wireless devices as you can.


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