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Awkward Moments with Santa

Ah, there’s just nothing like that time of the year where some of the fondest, most precious memories of childhood are made.  We’re talking of course about Christmas – and more specifically, that first photo with Santa.  Who can forget?  The excitement, the outfit, the anticipation during the car ride of getting to meet Santa in person, the waiting for what seems like an eternity in that anxious line of kids and parents… and then, finally, the moment arrives… when you sit in that wonderful, jolly old elf’s lap… and it all just falls apart:

Twins share everything together – including terror.

Maybe all the crying was contagious.

Either somebody has a splitting headache, or she’s just scared out of her mind.

Are they pretending to be supergirl and superboy, or are these two just trying to escape from Santa?

What do you imagine Santa is thinking in this photo?

The best part about this is Santa’s apologetic expression… you can tell he’s ready to throw in the towel.

Santa has the look of a man who knows his shift if about to end anyway.

Here’s hoping Santa doesn’t make you cry this Chistmas.  Happy Holidays everyone!


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