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Are You Using Your Office Space Wisely?

Do you have a home office or a small business that could use some additional space?  In business, every square foot should be used to generate revenue.  Think about how you can use your office space to create more productivity throughout your workday.   Ask yourself some of these questions:

•    Do you have any file cabinets of past accounts?
•    Do you ever store inventory in an office, hallway or reception area?
•    Is your break room or copy room cluttered with office supplies?
•    Is there a better way to use the space taken up by clutter in your office?

Getting some unproductive items out of your office could allow you to add another employee or an additional workstation.  Clearing out the hallways and reception areas may open up the space for something more decorative, and make the environment more pleasant for employees and visitors.   For those of you who work at home, just imagine having a professional environment, like your own corner office at a corporation.

Self-storage is not only for storage of items from your home.  Many businesses use self-storage to store file cabinets, inventory, office supplies, and unused office equipment and furniture to maximize the square footage of usable, revenue-generating space, increase productivity, and provide a pleasant environment for their employees.   Find a self-storage facility that is near your office for ease of access during business hours.  Call StorQuest if you need help finding a location near your office and to get a free consultation on how self-storage can help you use your office space wisely.


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