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6 Van Life Organization Hacks


Van life is the best life! Whether you’re hitting the road on your next big adventure or planning an upcoming trip, these awesome hacks will keep your van organized and ready for when you hit the road.

Go Vertical

Vertical storage space is a must when it comes to van life. Save room on your countertops and keep produce from flying around when you’re on the move with a hanging fruit and veggie bag on a wall hook. When it comes to toiletry items, store your toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, and other essentials with suction cup containers on your vanity mirror or van walls. Take advantage of as much vertical space as possible, keeping everything secured in place with stretchy cable cords, hooks, hanging pocket storage, or suction cup storage. 

Count on Hook & Loop

This is the ultimate bumpy ride hack that helps keep all your belongings in their designated storage spaces. From picture frames on the van walls to decorative pieces and kitchen or bath essentials, never worry about rearranging your van when it’s go time. Just stick a piece of hook and loop on both the item you’re securing in place and the surface itself. Your items won’t be jolted out of place when braking, accelerating, and turning, which means you won’t need to reorganize after each trip.

Packing Cubes

These storage packs are just all-around awesome for keeping your things organized. Easily slide them under tight spaces. Stack them up high with the help of a stretchy cord to hold them in place. Slip them behind any space you can. They’re flexible and they come in a variety of sizes to keep any item you own organized and in place while on the move.

Keep an Essential Go Bag

Being on the road means being ready to hop out, hop in, and be on your way somewhere in no time. So whether it’s in the event of a road mishap or just needing to head out to run a few errands, an essentials bag is a must-have item in your van. Not only does this keep your most important items organized in one place, but let’s you grab the essentials in a hurry. Think passports, a power inverter, phone chargers, a couple of water bottles, wet wipes, a flashlight, and a few snacks – like a granola bar or some trail mix. Keep these items organized and within reach inside a packing cube or a small hanging tote bag.

Stick to Multi-Use Kitchen Items

Let’s face it: Your van’s kitchen is on the small side – which makes it beyond road trip-ready but doesn’t leave a lot of room for cooking appliances or storage space. Keep your kitchen much more organized by having multi-functional mini appliances like a compact air fryer or a small instant pot. Use the extra space inside some of these small appliances for even more space-saving kitchen storage.

Have a Home Base for More Storage

Whether you live in your van year-round or just during those here-and-there adventures, keeping extra belongings stored away at a home base is the ideal complement to van life. For those seasonal swaps, for all your outdoor gear, for extra van supplies, and for anything else you can think of, StorQuest Self Storage has your back. Find a StorQuest location to free up more room in your van today.

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