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6 Space-Saving Winter Packing Hacks


Packing for a winter trip can be tough. Winter clothes are bulkier than their fair-weather counterparts, and keeping warm guarantees you’re packing extra gear. But that doesn’t mean that traveling light is out of the question. Follow StorQuest’s space-saving winter packing hacks and you’ll discover that packing light for a winter adventure is a snap.

1.) Visualize What You’ll Wear Each Day

It helps to know what you plan to wear each day of your trip so that you can eliminate duplicates. This little pre-trip exercise will make sure your packing is purposeful, too. It will also ensure that each wardrobe item plays double duty, which is a surefire way to trim down the bulk of the winter gear you pack.

2) Use Compression Bags

Compressing your clothing is key to creating space because flattening your clothes removes air, which takes up a surprising amount of room. While there are bags manufactured specifically for this purpose, a large, sealable freezer bag works just as well. Right before closing the seal of the bag, compress the contents against a hard surface to squeeze the air out. Another bonus for replacing the specially designed compression bag with a freezer bag – use a Sharpie to list what’s inside. This will keep you uber-organized, and that means more time exploring your destination.

3) Bring Layers

Layering is a tried and true measure to make sure you stay warm. Layering is easy and doesn’t mean you have to throw out style. Think of it as bringing one layer for indoor warmth – such as a long-sleeve thermal like the Cool Trail shirt by Patagonia – and an exterior layer when you head outdoors – like a synthetic-style jacket similar to the Surge Warm full zip by Lululemon.

4.) Toiletries

Packing toiletries can get messy, but there is an art to bringing along the things you need most. Start off by including just the basics – and only enough volume to see you through your travel plans. For example, store lotions, like moisturizer or sunscreen, in an old contact lens case. Or, instead of risking breaking your favorite bottle of cologne or perfume, soak cotton balls in your favorite scents and store in a plastic bag that seals. Then, when you’re ready, rub the cotton ball on your skin.

5.) Roll Your Clothes

Now to the details. How you pack your clothes makes a difference, and rolling is a space-saving technique used by the military. Start by folding your clothing so that it is the same length as a dollar bill. Then roll it into a tight burrito-shape. Not only does this save space, but it keeps the wrinkles at bay.

6.) Wear Your Bulkiest Items

By wearing your bulkiest items during the travel portion of your trip you save valuable space to bring along extras like that favorite book or your iPad. So wear your favorite hoodie, tie your warm outer layer around your waist, and throw your big down puffy over your arm – then board that plane.

Traveling Guarantees Adventure

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