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6 Best Locations to Surf in the US


There’s nothing like the feeling of hitting a good wave. Grab your board from your StorQuest unit and make your way to any of these amazing U.S. surf spots for a guaranteed good time.

1) Santa Cruz, CA

This was the site of the first waves ever ridden in the continental United States, so it’s no secret why Santa Cruz is at the top of our list. There are rideable waves almost every day of the year here. And yes, the water can be pretty cold, but the shredding is worth it. People from all over the world flock here just to hit one of these legendary breaks. Plus, the iconic Mavericks is only about an hour north.

2) New Smyrna Beach, FL

There are tons of great things about this laidback, low-key surf town, from driving on the beach, the small coastal breweries, and – best of all – some of the most consistent surf breaks on the East Coast. Thanks to significant rock ledges off the coast, no matter what, you are going to catch a good wave at New Smyrna Beach. Your go-to spot? Ponce Inlet.

3) Hanalei Bay, HI

This time, we’re taking you to the islands. It is no wonder that Hanalei Bay is known to be one of Kauai’s most beautiful beaches, with a 2-mile coast of white sand backed by steep mountainsides. Here, glassy smooth waves crash over the sandbars below, so you don’t have to worry about getting caught up in the coal. If you are a beginner, hit these waves in the summertime. Looking for more of a challenge? The big waves make an appearance during the winter. 

4) Belmar, NJ

This East Coast spot is gold. It’s perfect surfing for every level, depending on the time of year. In the summer, you’ll mostly find smaller, 3-foot swells. But stick around for September, and you’ll find yourself in the middle of hurricane season – that’s when the pros pick up their boards and head straight for Belmar. The waters come to life and you’ll be catching 7-foot swells back-to-back like it’s nothing. 

5) Ventura, CA

There’s a whole lot of everything here at Ventura, from world-class swells to easy-riding waves and everything in between. Hit up any of these major spots and you are bound to have a good time – Mondos Beach, Emma Wood State Beach, Rincon Beach, C Street, or South Jetty. When you’re finished shredding, be sure to hit up a local burrito joint – you can’t go wrong there.

6) South Padre Island, TX

Amid the cowboy hats and the Tex-Mex is a hidden surf culture on the Gulf Coast of Texas. South Padre is the epicenter of the Lone Star state’s surf scene. Where miles of coastline meet the continental shelf, this easy-going beach town offers tons of consistent surf year-round. Most swell-seekers head out to the Isla Blanca jetty, where waves can get as big as 10 feet on a good day. With minimal crowds and water averaging around 70-degrees in the springtime, it’s easy to stay out there until the sun goes down.

Bonus: Huntington Beach, CA

We couldn’t leave out Surf City USA where the U.S. Open of Surfing has been held since 1959. There’s a reason for this well-known spot. It’s a goldmine for reliable beach breaks. Surf year round on the nine-mile-long coastline. Summer is beautiful here but there are some awesome spots that produce waves up to eight feet if you wait to visit until the winter.

StorQuest – We’re There for You

For days when you’d rather hit the slopes that the surf, StorQuest is there for you. Tuck your board away in one of our units and trust that it is in good hands. Give us a call for more information about our convenient storage options.


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