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5 Ways to Live Big From Your Living Room


We find ourselves in a new world – at times uncertain and strange and at others positive, familiar, and offering a chance to be better. This is new for all of us, and that’s why we’ve put together a list of how to live big from the comfort of your armchair, because, at StorQuest, we believe awesome is always within reach.

Be Open to a Different Take on Adventure 

Adventure is adventure – whether it comes in a virtual package or is as immersive as testing your range of motion with a complicated set of Russian Get-Ups. It doesn’t matter if your adventurous pursuit is audacious for your living space or feels reckless because your data is used to stream virtual tours of national parks from your couch. The point is – adventure is a mindset and regardless of where you are, you can reap its rewards.

Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

Let’s face it – we don’t always have the opportunity to veer from our routine. But today we do. Ask yourself – what motivates me? Learning a new skill like getting those climbing knots down, putting together an awesomely light kit for your 10 essentials, or brushing up on your Spanish for a future surf trip to Baja. Right now, time and focus are on your side. 

Virtual Vacations Are Awesome 

The silver lining to being stuck at home? The freedom to explore. It’s easier than ever to travel the world from the comfort of your couch. Tour one national park after another, visit street scenes in the Faroe Islands, or scroll past London’s iconic timepiece Big Ben. It’s effortless using any number of websites dedicated to these and other spots. Or try your hand using Google Street View and plan a route through Machu Picchu starting at the Sun Gate before making the steep climb to the top of Huayna Picchu. It’s still a big world out there. Why not explore it on your terms?

Sweat It Out

Like virtual vacations, there is no better time to find a new way to work out. Home has become the gym, and that means ditching your fitness goals is not an option. Now more than ever, no-excuses bodyweight workouts, WOD-worthy routines, and grueling yoga sessions are available online with new content generated daily. Plus, having the skills to adapt when the unexpected occurs will stay with you, and be very on point for our next recommendation. 

Put Pen to Paper – This Is Your Time to Plan

Think of this time as your chance to plan that epic trip of your dreams. You have the luxury to explore, research, and figure out the logistics for that long-awaited adventure you’ve been thinking about for a decade. Caravaning in the Scottish highlands. Road-tripping to Alaska on the Al-Can highway. Kayaking Glacier Bay looking for epic views and wildlife. Backpacking a portion of the PCT. Now is the time to plan so when the world finds its way back to its new version of normal, you’ll be ready to deploy. 

Your Experience – Even Now – Is Part of the Journey

At StorQuest, we know this experience will shape you and we want you to come out of it stoked for all the new adventures to come. As always, we’re here for you whenever you’re ready to #MakeRoomForAwesome in your life, no matter the circumstances. This is your time and we challenge you to make the most of it.

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