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5 Tips to Help Maximize Your Living Space


No matter the size of your home, the ability to make it seem big is an incredibly valuable skill. Working within the layout of your apartment and creating a more usable space is not only a functional benefit, it’s also a pretty awesome way to improve your home’s livability. Check out these simple tricks to help maximize your living space. 

Declutter and Clean Regularly

Ready to take your space to the next level? The first step is to rid your home of the things that aren’t necessary. We all know that letting go of items can be very difficult. So the next time you are ready to make an unnecessary purchase, ask yourself, “Do I really need this?” You can start with the belongings you already have. If you find yourself not using something for more than a year, chances are that it is just taking up space in your home. In order to grow, you must learn to let go. 

Use Multipurpose or “Hidden” Furniture

If you’re trying to find a way to give your home the greatest amount of living space, multifunctional furniture is a great place to start. Everything in your apartment should have more than one purpose. Daybeds are an ideal substitute for couches, dining tables can double as office desks, and instead of a coffee table, go with a stylish trunk where you can store many small items around the house. Multipurpose furniture with built-in, hidden storage can go a long way towards helping a small apartment feel like a much larger space.

Go Vertical

Most people think of their living space in terms of square footage, but actually, there is valuable space that extends from your floor to your ceiling. Take full advantage of this vertical space to maximize your apartment. Instead of shorter shelves, purchase tall shelves that extend all the way to the ceiling. And if you have bikes, surfboards, or skis, you can hang them on the walls as well. Raising your bed also provides a great opportunity to store things like shoes, boxes, and clothes. Now that you’re thinking vertically, you’ll have more floor space around your home. 

Rotate Seasonal Clothing

There is no need to have three hefty raincoats taking up space in your closet during the summer months, just like there is no reason to have bathing suits and beach towels in the winter. Maximize your closet space by rotating your seasonal clothing. As the weather changes, so should your wardrobe. If you are looking for somewhere to store your offseason clothing, visit your local StorQuest to find the extra space you’ve been searching for. 

Seek Out the Perfect Pieces

Purchasing the right furniture is one way to help make the home of your dreams a reality. If you are limited in space, items like glass tables and couches with small legs can help create the illusion of a more spacious home. The way you position your furniture can also dictate the way your space flows with the design of the apartment. Remember every inch counts and everything is on display, so if you don’t believe a piece will work in your apartment, wait until the right one comes along. 

Make Room. Then Make it Happen.

Ready to make more room in your home? StorQuest is here to help. When you store with us, we make it easy to grab your belongings whenever you need them. Don’t settle for average self storage. Store with the best at StorQuest. 


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