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5 Tips to Beat Autumn Blues

August is wrapping up, but spontaneity doesn’t have to end with the first sign of fall. Rather than wasting your days dreading summer’s end, make the resolution to keep the adventures rolling.

1. Switch it up
Rather than indulging your Netflix addiction, skip an episode and use that hour to get out of the house to try something new. Your favorite shows can wait while you take advantage of the great outdoors.

2. Get local
If you’ve lived in the same place long enough, it’s easy to take your best local offerings for granted. Before running out the door, check out a community calendar. You might be surprised what’s happening in your own backyard.

3. Be a newbie
The best memories are made when you try something that you have never experienced before. If an art class or kayak trip isn’t your jam, give it a try. You’ll be surprised at what may become your new favorite hobby or what new adventures can come from just one new experience.

4. Check the box
Grab your crew and a sheet of paper, and jot down an exploration bucket list for the season ahead. Hold each other accountable and before long, you’ll be impressed with the list of new activities you’ve conquered.

5. Quit glorifying “busy”
As the summer starts to wind down, upcoming weeks can seem to be worse for scheduling, but a quick adventure doesn’t need to feel like a burden. Keep it short and sweet—that basket of laundry can wait. Let’s be honest, you don’t really want to do it anyway.

Make the time. Make the plans. Make it happen…every season.


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