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5 Tips For RV Exploring & Storing


Planning your next big excursion? If you’re a fresh RV-er or new to the storing and exploring lifestyle, here are a few tips to help you get out and get onto your next awesome adventure – RV-style.

Embarking Checklist

Having a checklist is a handy way to be sure you’ve got everything you need before heading out to your next destination. It’s better to double-check a few things than be caught mid-adventure unprepared.

For example, always pack a toolkit, a first aid kit, and extra propane. You should also check out the vehicle inside and out to ensure everything is secured and working properly – from strapping down your gear to double checking hoses and tires.

First trip out with your new RV? Make sure you understand the different systems on your RV before you roll out. One of the major things to understand is your water tank system (tip: RV toilets require different toilet paper). Go through the motions of how to fill, empty, and flush the system in advance of your trip – it’s much easier to do a dry run then attempt to figure it out on the road.

Camp Before Dark

If you’ve been camping before, you understand. Setting up camp after dark is much more of a challenge than doing it during daylight hours, and that’s true even with an RV. It can be rough trying to plug in, level, or set-up your parking blocks in pitch black. Plus, you won’t make up camp in time to enjoy the sunset. When you’re planning your trips, ensure you pull into a spot at a decent hour to have ample time to set-up, then post-up and relax.

Wake Up Early

One of the golden rules of outdoor adventuring is the opportunity to enjoy the sunsets and sunrises. Set an alarm to wake up early and watch the sunrise from your campsite. Depending on where you’ve parked, it could be a seriously incredible view. You can always take a nap afterward – you do have an RV, after all.

Maintain Odor

Mid-trip, you might start noticing unexpected odors. Whether that’s due to a full black tank, a build-up of laundry, or your gear from the last outdoor destination. Think ahead and bring along tank cleaners and deodorizes, plan a mid-trip tank dump, and have a plan for sweaty clothes.

Post-Adventure Checklist

When your journey is done, it’s important to maintain your RV, keeping it fresh and ready to hit the road on your next adventure. So be sure to make a post-trip checklist as well, whether you’re storing your RV for a few weeks or for the entire winter season. When you store your RV you always want to make sure to dump your tanks, including fresh water if you’re going to leave it for longer. Fully empty all tanks, bypass the hot water heater, and consult the owner’s manual for full winterizing or long-term storage requirements. A post-adventure checklist will bring you smooth-going excursions for the next go-around and less money paid for maintenance fees when it’s time to gear up and get back on the road.

Make Room for Awesome®

Looking for a place to park your RV during the off-season? StorQuest can help with that. From covered parking, to extra security and access to electrical hook-ups, we’ve got you covered from all angles. Take a look at our RV storage locations near you, so you can get back to trip planning.

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