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5 Tips for Planning a Safe (and Awesome) Family Getaway


Awesome family getaways require awesome planning, particularly in the middle of a pandemic. StorQuest is here to help. Use these five tips to help plan a safe and adventure-filled family getaway.

Make It a Road Trip

Road trips can be epic – especially for little adventurers. Not only does the open road make it easy to social distance, but experiences await at every turn. Spot a trailhead in the distance? Pull off and take a break from driving with a hike. Teaching moments are everywhere you look, too. Stop at historical markers and sites for a quick history or geography lesson. Make a game out of looking for wildlife. With an open mind and whimsical spirit, road trips can be full of unexpected fun.

Look for Outdoors Adventures

Flexible in where you go? Center your trip around outdoors adventures for maximum social distancing – and maximum fun. Head to the mountains for a little skiing or snowboarding. Maybe make it a family mountain bike trip. There are so many awesome trail systems out there. Maybe check out the beach for ultimate relaxation or, depending on where you go, maybe even a surf session. Hikes are extra colorful this time of year. 

Get Your Own Space

Wherever you go, stick to your own space as much as possible. If you’re visiting friends, look for an Airbnb or hotel as opposed to crashing with them. If you own an RV or camper van, post up there. If you’re going somewhere warm, consider camping. Also be sure to steer clear of large crowds, wear a mask, and bring lots and lots of hand sanitizer. You know the drill by now, but with colder temperatures settling in, it bears repeating. It’s important we all continue to do our part to stop the spread of COVID-19. 

Embrace Spontaneity 

Some of the best adventures are the ones you don’t plan for, so be sure to leave some gaps in your itinerary for unplanned excursions. You never know what you’ll discover until you actually arrive at your destination. Maybe you’ll hear about a great under-the-radar hike or an amazing food cart from a local. An overloaded itinerary might mean you’d miss out. Embracing spontaneity leads to some of the most epic experiences – and it’s a great lesson to teach your mini-adventurers.

Ditch the Electronics

It might provoke a little kicking and screaming, but do your best to set limits on screen time – for adventurers of all ages! Unplug and make the time away from the daily grind truly meaningful. Make sure you set expectations up front and set a good example by limiting your own screen time. 

Your Partner in Awesome

Always be ready to embrace awesome when you store with StorQuest. Whether you need a space for your favorite adventure vehicle or you’re creating the ultimate storage locker for all your outdoor gear, we have your back. Hit up our website to find the location nearest you.

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