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5 Tips for Being the Ultimate Weekend Warrior


Here at StorQuest HQ we are surfers, skiers, bikers, hikers, underwater explorers and mountain peak conquerors. We definitely work as hard as we play, and we maximize our weekends to the fullest. Just look at our Instagram page – you’ll find a photo diary of all our adventures. Want to start conquering your weekends but you’re not sure where to start? Don’t worry, we’ve outlined five easy tips to help you maximize your days off to become the ultimate weekend warrior.

1) Plan, Plan, Plan

The key to success for a weekend warrior? Becoming a to-do list conquerer. Find creative ways to tackle your to-dos during the week so that by the time Saturday and Sunday roll around, you’re free for adventure. Just keep in mind that sometimes it’s exciting to simply wake up and see where the day takes you – it can lead to some of life’s most memorable moments.

2) Create an Adventure Budget

Our secret to being able to adventure every weekend stress-free? An adventure budget! Create a special savings account and transfer money on a set schedule, or set up a recurring $1 transfer every time you use your debit card. Whatever your savings strategy, you’ll be ready when adventure calls.

3) Set Adventure Goals

We thrive on the spirit of possibility, whether it’s catching that monster wave, summiting the highest peak, or finding a hidden waterfall. Get motivated and keep yourself accountable for each action-packed weekend by setting a few adventure goals. Create a mix of both short-term and long-term experiences, like kayaking a new lake each weekend this summer or exploring all the national parks in your state within one year.

4) Experience Something New

We get it – you’re hungry for adventure! The weekends are the best time to try something new, visit somewhere exotic, or do something that gets your adrenaline pumping. This is your chance to push the boundaries and discover new ways to enhance your life.

5) Prep Your Gear

Ultimate weekend warriors always have their gear ready to go. You never know when adventure is just around the corner, so you want to be ready to go at a moment’s notice. Don’t let a lack of organization keep you from an impromptu weekend of fun with friends.The easiest way to stay prepared is to clean and repack all your gear at the end of each adventure. Then, you can safely store your gear in a StorQuest unit so it’s ready to grab and go when adventure calls!

We Are Here for You

Weekend warriors, we have your back. Whatever life has in store for you, StorQuest is here to help you make room for it. Find a location near you to discover how self storage can kick your weekends up a notch. Don’t forget to share your weekend adventures with us by using #MakeRoomForAwesome for a chance to be featured on our page.

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