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Tony Hawk holds up a medal while standing inside a storage unit

5 Surprising Items Tony Hawk Keeps in Storage


A stash of gold medals. Rare memorabilia. Classic skateboard decks. Take a peek inside the StorQuest storage unit of skateboard legend Tony Hawk, and you’ll find some amazing stories. Even if you’re a huge Birdman fan, some of the things Tony keeps in his unit might surprise you. Here are five of our favorites that inspire us to live big every day.

The 900 Board

It was 1999. X Games. Tony was determined to pull off the 900, no matter the risks. The trick, a daring 900-degree aerial spin performed on a skateboard ramp, had never been done on a skateboard in recorded history. Tony had been practicing the trick for almost a decade, but couldn’t stick the landing. After 10 failed attempts, Tony thought he was going home disappointed – but on his 11th attempt, he made history, and the crowd erupted. That iconic moment in skateboarding history was his crowning achievement, and Tony still has the board on which he made it all happen, safe in storage.

16 X Games Medals 

Over his whole career, Tony participated in 17 X Games, winning 16 medals total. But the one Tony says he enjoys the most? A silver medal for Skateboard Street, which he won at the very first X Games. All we know is he had plenty to choose from!

Big Checks, Big Heart

Not only is he an awesome skateboarder, entrepreneur, and video game character, Tony is also a dedicated philanthropist. Together with The Skatepark Project, formerly known as Tony Hawk Foundation, he has funded over 650 skate projects. Tony decked out his storage unit’s wall space with big framed checks, showing his commitment to giving back. 

First-Edition Feasters

When Tony co-founded skateboard company Birdhouse Skateboards in 1992, he put together a skate team and showcased everyone’s skills in a video called Feasters – the first of many Birdhouse videos to come. Today, Tony keeps his first-edition VHS copy of Feasters safe in storage. We wouldn’t be surprised if he has a VCR and CRT TV ready to fire up too. 

An Award That Doubles as a Kaleidoscope

Tony's all-around good vibes makes him a fan favorite at award shows and he's got the goods to prove it. He was awarded five Nickelodeon Kids Choice Blimp Trophies for "Favorite Athlete" in 2001, 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2008. Fun fact, these awards can also be used as kaleidoscopes!

Live a Life Worth Storing

Your stuff is part of your story. What’s your gear saying? If you’re ready to make room for more adventure, find your personal storage space at StorQuest.

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