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5 Storage Tips for Your Summer Abroad


Planning for a summer abroad? Whether you’re a college student backpacking through Europe, doing a study abroad program in Japan, or spending summer break surfing the waves in Australia, you’ll need a plan for your stuff. While you're away, here are a few storage tips to prepare for your epic trip overseas.

Downsizing Your Dorm Room

Whether you live in the dorms or are living off-campus, college students tend to accrue unneeded things over the school year (old textbooks and notes for one). The less you have to store, the less you have to deal with (and the smaller summer storage unit you can rent). Take the chance to go through your belongings, sell some things for extra cash while you’re abroad, and donate the rest. It’s a great excuse to clean out your closet or start a new lease on the minimalist lifestyle you’ve maybe been considering.

Pack Smart

Once you’ve downsized your belongings, it’s time to pack what you need for your summer break travels – and yeah, you should line it up well before your trip. You don’t want to store your things and then figure out you left something you need in a box somewhere.

Also consider where you’re traveling to help determine your packlist. If you’re heading to the southern hemisphere, it’s winter there, so you'll be packing for a different season entirely. Depending on your travel destination, check the average temperatures to make sure you’re prepared.

Smart Summer Storage Planning

When you’ve boxed up your stuff and are getting ready to store, label and store with your heavier items on the bottom. Also, consider what you will need access to most when you return from your journey. Put those boxes closer to the front so you can grab them immediately!

Consider Climate Control

You might be heading to cooler weather destinations, but don’t forget the summer temperatures at home. If you live in an area with high heats and/or major humidity, you might want to consider climate-controlled storage. Heat can damage your record collection, instruments, and electronics. Excessive humidity can wreak havoc on everything, including your adventure gear and cardboard storage boxes. Climate-controlled units maintain a consistent environment, letting you travel with peace of mind.

Find a Place to Store Your Car

You’ll also want a secure place to park your car or motorcycle while you’re gone. StorQuest can help you store smart this summer break – and store big, including a parking space for your vehicle. Find a location with climate-controlled units, auto, and motorcycle storage options near you, then start planning your summer abroad now.

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