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5 Storage Secrets for Outdoor Enthusiasts


At StorQuest Self Storage, we’re all about giving you the space you need to chase after life’s most epic experiences. To help you live bigger outside, here are five storage secrets that will unlock exciting new adventures.

Find a Dedicated Gear Haven

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, chances are you have a good selection of gear. Camping equipment, snow skis, mountain bikes, kayaks – it all adds up, and it’s easy to use up your space at home. That’s where self storage comes in.

Loading up for big adventures takes big effort, but keeping all your equipment organized in one place makes it feel effortless. When you have a dedicated storage space for all your stuff, it’s easier to find and assemble everything you need. And the easier it is to prep your things before an adventure, the more you’ll use them. Make self storage part of your outdoor ritual, and you’ll inspire yourself to live a life worth storing.

Keep Your Gear Cool

Looking for a place to keep all your gear organized for every season? Consider renting a climate-controlled unit. This premium storage option regulates the temperature and humidity levels inside your unit, giving your stuff an extra layer of protection against outside elements. Climate control helps to keep materials such as wood and leather from deforming, prevents mold and mildew, and gives you the peace of mind you need to store your prized possessions with confidence. Treat your gear well, and it’ll treat you well.

Keep Your Stuff Scrubbed

Want to make the most of your chances to get out at a moment’s notice? Make sure to do a periodic gear audit. Regularly evaluating your equipment will help ensure everything stays in tip-top shape. Scrub out gunk and grime, and dust off dirt and debris on a regular basis. Look out for things like mildew, mold, fraying, cracking, rust, and pests, especially if you’re not keeping your things in a climate-controlled storage unit. Then, you know you’ll be ready to go the moment opportunity strikes.

Optimize Your Space

Efficiency is key. You can maximize your storage space with a few simple tricks. Look up – and take advantage of all that vertical space. Put up some wall racks for your kayaks. Install ceiling mounts for your bike. Use wall shelves and pegboards to keep all your accessories in order. Pack your gear in stackable bins – and don’t forget to pre-pack your camping gear.

Ultimately, you want to make sure your most-used stuff is most accessible. If you’re going to be catching waves every weekend, keep your surfboard ready to grab and go. Be sure to leave an aisle in the middle of your unit with some room to shuffle things around, so you can always get to your stuff in the back. This is your space – so organize it to fit your needs. 

The Convenience Factor

When you team up with StorQuest, we’re along for the journey. That’s why our storage facilities are conveniently located close to all things awesome. Once you have your gear near all the best trails, lakes, and mountains, it’s easy to swing by, pick up your stuff, and head out toward your next adventure. Find a location near you today, and explore more with StorQuest.

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