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Man jumps between rocks at a river with fall colors in the background

5 Socially Distant Fall Adventures


Now is the perfect time to plan a socially distant jaunt into the landscape – and all you need is a sense of adventure and a warm layer or two. Getting away from it all – and everyone – is easy in fall because when the weather cools, most people head back indoors. But if you’ve got the urge to explore the great outdoors, you’ll likely find you have it mostly to yourself – and that’s what we love most about this time of year. Here is StorQuest’s top five list of socially distant fall adventures.

Leaf Peeping

Grab your camera and jump in the car. Now is the time to view fall’s spectacle of entire forests lighting up with the change of color. As trees stop making chlorophyll, the green pigment of leaves begins to transform into the fall hues of orange, red, and yellow. The key is knowing where to go for the best display. 

On the East Coast, look for forests of birch and blaze maple. In Colorado, count on stands of aspen, and on the West Coast, head high into the mountains to experience the best opportunity for fall color displays. 

Go Camping!

Seek solitude with a camping trip. There are plenty of off-the-beaten path sites to be had if you know where to look. Dispersed camping on public lands is an awesome option. Just search online for opportunities near you or check in with your favorite outdoor gear shop. Some spots might require a bit of a hike or a bumpy trip down a forest road – but that only adds to the adventure, right? 

Plan a Backpacking Trip 

Like campgrounds, once crowded trails become a lot less traveled in October. While the days are shorter and the evenings much cooler, there’s still the option to head into your favorite backcountry lake, cast a line, and settle in for an awesome weekend in the woods.

Take an Old-Fashioned Road Trip

The best part about road tripping is it’s about you and your sense of adventure. For fall road trips, we recommend seeking out places that are off the radar – those less-traveled spots that feel both familiar and foreign. Then, ease up on the pace and explore. Be sure to pack everything you need for a weekend full of adventure so you can minimize stops made in busy towns. 

Go Off-Roading

Sort of a mash-up of road tripping and hiking, off-roading is a great way to see a lot of country quickly – and all by yourself. Dirt roads connect the American landscape and there’s no better time to hit the dirt than fall. Drive into the forest and discover the quiet that fall brings. No matter where you live, there are remote landscapes close by. Los Angeles has the San Bernardino Mountains, Seattle has Snoqualmie Pass, Detroit has the Upper Peninsula, and Denver has the myriad of fire roads that lead west into the Rockies. 

Continue Making Life Awesome 

We’ve made it this far together and we’ll make it through what’s to come. At StorQuest, we encourage you to keep answering the call of the wild and to stay safe when you do. So, keep adventuring and know that StorQuest Self Storage is here when you need us to store your gear and keep your valuables protected while you venture out.

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