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Three people hiking through the wilderness with mountains in the distance.

5 Secluded Backpacking Expeditions in the U.S.


Do you love adventure? Does heading into the wild for a little solitude leave you feeling excited for the weekend? We feel the same – an epic weekend or week-long adventure that takes you away from the crowds is the best answer to the call to unplug and go play. Here are our top picks for a secluded backpacking expedition in the U.S.

Granite Park, Eastern Sierra | California

Granite Park sits high up in the Eastern Sierra Nevada mountains. It is surrounded by a parade of peaks that form a bowl-like valley with the towering Mount Julius Caesar taking center stage. The area is dotted with lakes and granite shelves that are perfect for an overnight or two. While the Pine Creek Trail offers a tough start, the payoff to make it to Granite Park is you’ll likely have it all to yourself.

Hut to Hut (to Hut), Talkeetna Mountains | Alaska

Want a truly wild experience? Try this incredible route into one of Alaska’s most epic and untamed areas and travel from one tiny hut to another along this 40-mile, five-day route. You’ll see plenty of quintessential Alaska sights like glaciers, jagged peaks, and lush vegetation, and you might even get to see some of the wildlife, too.

Baker/Johnson Lake Loop, Great Basin National Park | Nevada 

If an awesome cirque surrounding a pristine high alpine lake is your thing, then this two-day loop should be at the top of your list. You’ll start high – 7,900 feet – at Baker Lake Trailhead and sleep higher – above 10,000 feet – at Baker Lake. After breakfast admiring your view, take a cross-country route up and over the ridgeline into Johnson Lake basin. Two added perks of completing this loop, almost no crowds and some of the darkest skies for stargazing in the U.S.

Matthole to Black Sands Beach, Lost Coast | California

Stunning coastline? Check. Three days in the wilderness? You bet. Have the place mostly to yourself? Double check. This three-day trek is a Point A to B (you’ll need a car shuttle) and delivers a backpacking experience like no other – it follows California’s Lost Coast for 25 miles and delivers an incredible adventure you’ll want to keep a secret, too.

Appalachian Trail, Nantahala Forest | North Carolina

While the Appalachian Trail is one of the most popular thru-hikes in the U.S., it is possible to hike a portion of the trail and feel like you’re the only one in the woods. This hike on the AT, as it’s known, takes three days and hikes past three Southern Appalachian Balds (mountain summits with native grasses and shrubs), including Silar Bald, Wayah Bald, and Wesser Bald. Start at Winding Stair Gap and finish at Nantahala Outdoor Center.

Make More Room for Awesome.

Stepping outside your comfort zone and attempting one of these trips is a way to get outside and appreciate the life you live. StorQuest is always here to help support your journey, whether that means storing your adventure gear or helping you through a move.

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